Frankenstein Goofy Themed Cupcakes!

October 20, 2013


If you love Halloween, and you love that silly old Goofy, then these treats might be perfect for you! They look a little challenging, but it might be fun to try on a low key afternoon at home. Here’s the lowdown on how to make Frankenstein Goofy Cupcakes!

What you’ll need
Batch of chocolate cupcakes
Wax paper
Rolling pin
Kitchen knife
Disposable food preparation gloves (to wear while shaping the candy)
Small chocolate chews, such as Tootsie Roll Midgees
Lime fruit rolls, such as Lime Tootsie Fruit Rolls
Green or purple candy sprinkles
Sliced almonds
Slivered almonds or white chocolate bits
White cupcake frosting
Chocolate chips

How to make it
Place a chocolate chew between squares of wax paper and flatten it with the rolling pin so that it measures about 1/2-inch square. (If the candy is too stiff, you can soften it a bit by microwaving it for five seconds or less.)

Trim the rolled candy with a kitchen knife to resemble a flat topped Frankenstein-style head with tapered sides, as shown. Place the candy head on a wax paper-lined tray, and keep the candy trimmings to use later in step 8.

Make heads for all the cupcakes and arrange them on the tray, spacing them a couple inches apart.

Place two almond slices on each head, as shown.

Next, make a muzzle and chin for each Franken Goofy by cutting a lime frut roll into thirds lengthwise. Shape one of the thirds into a muzzle wide enough to extend 1/4-inch or so beyond the head on both sides. Then cut another of the candy thirds into two equal pieces and shape one of them into a chin.

Set the muzzle atop the upper edge of the chin. Add a slivered almond or white chocolate bit tooth to each side of the chin, tucking the top under the muzzle. Gently press the pieces together just enough to make them stick.

Press the assemble muzzles atop the Franken Goofy heads on the tray so that they just slightly overlap the base of the almond slice eyes.

Use bits of the reserved candy trimmings from step 2 to shape a tiny round nose (1/4 to 3/8 inch) and eye pupils (1/8-inch or so) for each face. Gently press the noses onto the muzzles. Use dabs of frosting (applied with the tip of a toothpick) to stick the eye pupils in place on the sliced almonds.

Use the tip of a kitchen knife to score a 1/2-inch “cut” line in the top of each head, and then create stitch lines by scoring across the cut twice. Set a candy sprinkle atop each stitch line.

For Goofy ears, cut the chocolate chews lengthwise into thirds. Shape each third into a thin curved ear, rounding the bottom and pinching the top to taper it into a point. Add a pair of ears to each Franken-Goofy head on the tray.

Place the tray in the refrigerator until the candy is well chilled and stiff enough to hold its shape. Meanwhile, frost the cupcakes.

Top each of the frosted cupcakes with a Franken-Goofy head. Add a pair of bolts to the top of each head by pressing chocolate chips (set on their sides) halfway into the icing, and chill the decorated cupcakes until serving time.

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