Cruella de Vil, look out puppies!!!



Cruella de Vil is coming in a new live-action movie.  Confirmation has come that Brosh McKenna (The Devil Wears Prada) is writing the film and Andrew Gunn (Freaky Friday) has signed on to produce the film.  Rumors are already wondering who will play the evil one.  Will Glenn Close reprise her role from the 1996 film?  Another rumor out there is Meryl Streep possibly playing the role.  No news yet on who exactly but as we find out more we will pass the information along to you.

Cruella de Vil is ranked 39th on AFI’s list “100 Years…100 Heroes and Villains”.  That is a pretty good ranking, beneath Cruella is Freddy Krueger.  I never would have thought of her worse then Freddy.  Ironically the 39th Hero is one of the most famous dogs of all time, Lassie.  Other Disney Villains that are on the list include The Queen (#10) from Snow White, Man (#20) from Bambi, and a relatively new member of the Disney family Darth Vader (#3) from Empire Strikes Back.


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