Star Wars Galaxy Expanding

September 16, 2013

Last week during an investor conference call Walt Disney Co., CFO Jay Rasulo confirmed that Disney will alternate yearly between a new trilogy film and an original film.  Star Wars episode VII is due to come out in 2015 and then the first original film in 2016.

yoda han fett

There is no news of what will be the original film story as of yet, but of course rumors and hopes are flying.  Some of the films that the Star Wars community have talked about wanting are Yoda, Han Solo and a Fett movie.  But there are so many other possibilities.  Think about other characters they could elaborate on.

One character I would love to see more of is Obi-Wan Kenobi.  In the original movies, what other character had such a big role in all the films?  His character never fell from his beliefs, he was never lured to the dark side.  He lived by the Jedi code completely and did everything to protect it.  To see the story of how he became the padawan of Qui Gon Jinn.  Where he was born, where he grew up.  It would be great to see the holes filled in on his life.

Another character that I think would be great to see the back story on would be Palpatine/The Emperor/Darth Sidious.  We know this man as nothing but pure evil.  The master manipulator.  I would love to see how he became the evil he did.  How he was trained, how he disobeyed the Sith rules, and how he eventually murdered his master Lord Plagueis to become the new Master.

One of the biggest and best ideas I think would be the Fett movie.  We know some of the back story and that Boba was actually a clone, but we don’t see anything about young Boba after he watched his father Jango get killed at the hands of Mace Windu.  At that point what did he do?  Where did he go and how did he become the bounty hunter he did?   I believe Daniel Logan who played the young Boba in Attack of the Clones would be perfect to continue play him in the movie.  Daniel is involved in Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studios so he already has a relationship with Disney and I’m sure would welcome the films.

There really are so many characters they could go into more detail about and show us the full back story.  I think the Yoda movie would be great, there isn’t really much known about him.  Han Solo would be fun to see how he became the scoundrel he is, met Chewbacca, won the Falcon from Lando, had his run ins with Jabba, etc.  The next few years will be fun for Star Wars fans, to see how everything comes together.  I only hope Disney stays true to the galaxy the way George Lucas intended, if they do, the films will be hits.  Please Disney, no more characters like Jar Jar or bad actors.  Do these right and restore the Galaxy to the way the fans want it.

So what Star Wars character would you like to see a movie about?


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