Star Wars VII Update

September 12, 2013

Bad Robot Productions

As most know, in May Lucasfilms announced the production for Episode VII will be in the UK.  J.J Abrams has shot all his films in Los Angeles, even paying some of the costs himself to keep production local.  Abrams has expressed his disappointment in having to move his family to London for the production, but he appears to be making arrangement for some of the work to be done back home.

Rumors are floating that Bad Robot Production (J.J. Abrams production company) has been getting some updates to their building in Santa Monica, specifically for the Star Wars VII project.  Reports are coming out that Abrams is having a green room, sound studio and other new facilities developed in his three-story, 18,000 square foot building.  He already has editing bays, areas for making props, a screening room that can also double as a set and his personal suite of offices.  Of course this is all rumors currently as neither Bad Robot or Disney wouldn’t comment, but as a life long Star Wars fan, it’s nice to see things starting to come together for the film.


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