So you gotta go to the loo!

September 10, 2013



We’ve all been there at some point. The point where you’re standing in line at one of your favorite attractions or just sat down at a restaurant that you’ve been dying to try out and out come those words, “Mom, dad I gotta’ go to the loo.” OK, maybe they don’t say “loo” but it always seems to be at that inopportune time that the little ones have to go to the bathroom. But the good thing today is that you’re at the Magic Kingdom and they have an abundance of bathrooms close by no matter where you’re at.


If you’re like me you may have a restroom in each park that you seem to be drawn too. That one that’s a little off the beaten path and doesn’t get a whole lot of foot traffic. But not everyone may know the maps like the back of their hands so I’m going to give you an idea of where the bathrooms in the Magic Kingdom are located.


  1. Before you enter the park to the right where the locker rentals and wheelchair rentals are located is the first bathroom you’ll encounter. If you hit this one up before you enter the park first thing then that’s one less thing you’ll have to do before you bee line your way to Space Mountain.
  2. After passing under the railroad and locating the flagpole. Look to your left towards the Chamber of Commerce and Town Hall. Directly to the right is another bathroom. It seems to be a favorite during parades and exiting the park.
  3. Walking on down Main Street U.S.A, hang a right at Casey’s Corner and you’ll find another located between Casey’s and The Crystal Palace. It’s a pretty nice location out of the hustle and bustle and even has a few places to sit and relax for a few.
  4. There is only one in Adventureland and it seems to be the one that is hit the most from time to time. It’s located to the right of Pirates of the Caribbean.
  5. There is a nice air conditioned one located in Tortuga Tavern and Pecos Bill’s, but it can be a pain during busy lunch times.
  6. Next time you get off Splash Mountain there are some located towards the exit.
  7. Ride on over to Tom Sawyer Island and there are two sets. I’ve been in these several times and they hardly seem to ever be used. A recluse’s bathroom dream.
  8. There is one more in Frontierland and it’s in a tunnel way connecting to Adventureland. This bathroom stays busy and seems to be one of the dirtier ones.
  9. Located to the right of Pinocchio Village Haus there’s a restroom there that seemed to hardly ever be used but now with the expansion there seems to be more traffic.
  10. There is no restroom in Liberty Square because in to stay in “character” with the theming, there weren’t any in those days. But leaving Liberty Square and going into Fantasyland there’s one to the right before you pass by Peter Pan’s Flight. Avoid this one if you can. I think it’s the busiest one in the whole park.
  11. There’s one also back next to Under the Sea-Journey of the Little Mermaid but I have yet to test this one so I can’t vouch for it.
  12. One of the more quiet ones is located back behind The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.
  13. There’s another located by the Railroad station located in the New Fantasyland.
  14. If you feel the need to go before riding Space Mountain, head over to the right of it and there’s a out of the way restroom that is usually a pretty busy stop.
  15. And for the best restroom (in my opinion) in the Magic Kingdom. This restroom is out of the way of the theme park commandos. I’ve been to it countless times and it’s one to go to if wanting almost 100% alone time.  To get their head over to where the never open Tommorowland Terrace Restaurant is located. To the right is a restroom that most don’t even seem to know is there.

So there you have it, the restrooms of the Magic Kingdom. Drop a comment in the box to let us know which ones are your favorites to frequent.


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