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September 7, 2013

So when you go to Disney, do you have special traditions you always do?  I wanted to share some of ours and hope you will share some of yours with all of us.  Our traditions are for Walt Disney World, just to clarify where these take place.


1.  Once we check in and get to our resort, the boys always put on what they call the “girl show”.  Its the advertisement of everything going on in the “world” and hosted by “the must-do girl” as they say.  The boys watch this over and over and sadly, we never really get tired of watching it either!

2.  Epcot is always our first park we go to, and usually we have lunch at the Electric Umbrella.  Next stop is Mouse Gear to see what fun new items we are going to get while we are on vacation.  Personally, this is where I always buy a lanyard.  Each trip there are a few things I buy.  First is always my lanyard for that trip.  Then I purchase a pin from Epcot and will follow it up purchasing one from each park and then one from Downtown Disney.  I don’t have many pins but every trip I come home with 5 new ones and a lanyard.

3.  We always watch Illuminations the first day.

4.  Day 2 is the Magic Kingdom.  We take the monorail over.  Pointing out  the Contemporary, Space Mountain, Cinderella’s Castle, and of course the train station.

5.  We have to take our pictures in front of the “Let the Memories Begin” sign.  We always enter to the left and exit at night to the right.  We grab a handful of park maps and schedules for the day.  Once we are through the tunnel the cameras start going off, pictures of everything like usual.  Waiting till we get that first glimpse of the castle.  The feelings it brings makes me feel like a child again.  My next move is in the Emporium, getting a Autograph book.

6.  At the Magic Kingdom, we always go counter clockwise, starting with Tomorrowland and working our way around to Adventureland.  Lunch is with Sonny Eclipse.  Dinner is either Liberty Tree Tavern or Crystal Palace.  Just depends which we were able to get a reservation for that day.

7.  We take lots of pictures near the Partners Statue and make sure to always have the castle in the background.

8.  Near the end of our MK day, before Wishes, we browse in the Emporium, looking around to find that item we can’t live without.

9.  At Animal Kingdom, we always eat breakfast with Donald at the Tusker House.

10.  Planet Hollywood is always Dinner the night we go to Animal Kingdom.

11.  For Hollywood Studios we do the park in the same order every time.  We always go counter clockwise there, first ride is the Tower of Terror.

12.  Our last day of our trip is always the Magic Kingdom and as we leave that night we always look back down Main Street to the castle, sad leaving, but  we already start planning our next trip.

This is just a small sample, i’m sure there are more I’m forgetting.  A lot of Disney Fans are creatures of habit, and have the same routines and traditions for each Magical Vacation. Please feel free to share your traditions with all of us!

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  1. We always get there a day before our check in date. (We drive from NY). Walk around Downtown Disney, then swim and just relax to rest up after that long drive to get ready for the next 9 days. Magic Kingdom is our first park every time. We walk thru the candy shoppe and watch them making whatever they are making that day and get our free samples. Cross Main St. to the Emporium and check everything out to see what we will be buying later. Then it is straight to It’s A Small World. Sometimes we can pass thru the castle. After that, our decisions are on a whim. Usually its off to Mickey’s Toon Town Fair (Gonna be so much more to see on our next trip) and around to Tomorrow Land. We watch the parade, then off to the other half of the park. First night is alway dinner at The Crystal Palace.
    We can’t wait to get back home (to Disney World I mean) ºoº

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