James Spader cast as Ultron in Avengers Sequel

August 29, 2013


Reunited and it feels so…… good?  Robert Downey Jr & James Spader in Less Than Zero, circa 1987

If you’re like me, and love classic 80’s movies, or are in your 30’s and have fond memories of this generation, then you may like appreciate this news.  James Spader, yes, THAT James Spader, has been cast in the upcoming sequel to last year’s Avengers as Ultron, the new “bad guy.”  Yep, Iron Man and Ultron did work together previously, see pic above.   Ultron is an evil robot that can travel through time and uses his talents to change the present so he can have the upper hand in the future.  Sounds interesting.

So, who’s James Spader anyway?  Well, I’ll tell you!  Truthfully, my first memory that popped in my head when I heard this announcement was the movie “Pretty in Pink.”  Sigh….. oh what a movie for us girls….. Blaine was the heart throb (Andrew McCarthy) but the “bad guy” in the movie, Steph, was played by, you guessed it, James Spader.  He seems to play the guy you love to hate!  And p.s. ~ didn’t we all want to be Molly Ringwald at some point in time, or at least get to be in a John Hughes movie?  Remember Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles??


In addition to brat pack movies in the 80’s, James Spader has been on television in Boston Legal, The Office, Lincoln, and will be staring in a new series called The Blacklist which will make it’s debut in September.  All in all, I think James Spader is a great character actor, and can play the bad guy with a sense of charm.  For me, this makes me want to see  The Avengers: Age of Ultron, even more now.   The next Avengers is slated to open in theaters on May 1, 2015.

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