Horizons ~ By Joe Black

July 5, 2013
“Horizons” by Joe Black

Today we look back at an attraction that is still a fan favorite, Horizons at Epcot. Horizons was a journey into the future, and seemed to embody of all the themes of Future World. This attraction used communication, energy, transportation, creativity and technology to showcase a better life for all of humanity in the future.  Many considered this attraction a sequel to the Carousel of Progress, and in many ways it was just that.

Upon arriving, you find yourself in Futureport, a terminal of the future. Upon boarding your vehicle, you travel past scenes depicting thoughts and ideas of the future from the past, such as Jules Verne’s spaceship. After this whimsical vision of the future, guests are whisked away to twenty-first century living, which focus on quality of life for everyone.

Guests then view desert farms, travel with energy-efficient power, undersea cities and space colonies. My personal favorite is the orange grove of the future. I can almost smell the oranges now. You can actually still smell the oranges in Soarin’, perhaps a small nod to Horizons?Before returning to the present, guests are given the option of choosing three modes of transportation, which include a personal submarine, a desert hovercraft or a space flight.  This was an attraction that actually let you choose your ending, and many people would ride it more than once so they could sample all three.

Horizons has since been replaced by Mission Space, an excellent ride; however, I’ll always remember this beautiful structure that once stood prominently in Future World. I’ll also always remember the theme, which Walt Disney himself seemed to embrace…”If We Can Dream It, We Can Do It”.

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