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With all the exclusive testing that’s been going on with the new Magicbands for MyMagic+, people are learning more and more about what the bands will do and what they’ll entail.  Some Disney folks are really looking forward to the new technology coming later this year, and some don’t like to see major changes like this, and aren’t welcoming to the new system.  Possibly in an effort to get people excited, Disney has released some new fashion accessories that will go with your new Magicband!  This almost reminds me of how people added accessories to their Crocs a few years back, kind of the same concept!

This week, gift shops at both Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and Disney’s Contemporary Resorts started selling and promoting a new fashion line of MagicBand accessories.  The purpose of the accessories is to allow people to personalize their bands, the range includes almost every way of attaching something to a MagicBand. There are three options for the accessory line, CoverBands, MagicSliders, and MagicBandits.  See, sort of like Crocs !  Also reminds me of the charm bracelets you can buy at Disney Parks where you can choose personalized charms to add to your collection.  I’m just trying to compare the experience to other fads that Guests like to participate in while on vacation, so you get the idea!  Here is a breakdown of what each accessory can offer to fancy-up your new MagicBand!


Priced at $6.95 and up, MagicBandits are like small rubber buttons that snap onto the MagicBand adjustment holes (ala Crocs).  There are a decent amount of styles and characters to choose from, so you can add your favorites to your new MagicBand!


CoverBands are exactly what they sound to be – they cover your MagicBand. CoverBands wrap your MagicBand with a variety of different patterns or  designs. You can choose from different Mickey and Minnie designs, Pirates of the Caribbean style, or also just smaller designs basically to change up the color.   CoverBands are a great idea if you don’t want to wear the same color band all week, and want to change things up for certain outfits or outings.  They are currently priced at $6.95 for one, or $15.95 for three of them.


MagicSliders attach to the MagicBand by sliding onto the strap, similar to those Italian styled sliding charm bracelets. You can choose a Mickey or Minnie shape from $12.95.  These charm-like sliders are larger than a bracelet charm would be, it makes the MagicBand look more like a watch to me.

I think these will be a hit for Disney.  Guests get so caught up in the “Magic” while on vacation, that they like to buy extra things to add to their experience, and to bring home as a reminder too.  I know for me, I get caught up in buying charms and such, earrings, etc.  Then when I get home, I forget to wear them again!  But that’s all part of the experience, getting caught up, spending more than you might at home, because spending at Disney is really easy!  Accessories are always a hit.  I think even for people who are resisting the whole idea of MyMagic+ and MagicBands, they could possibly get a little more excited if they get to dress up and customize their band.  Time will tell!  Keep it to TMSM for all the latest info on MyMagic+ happenings!

Thank you to our CM friends for the info, and to Attractions Magazine for the photo above!


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