Is Spectromagic gone for good?

June 27, 2013



For quite some time now, fans of the beloved “Spectromagic” Parade have been  waiting for the production to return to the Magic Kingdom park at WDW.  The rumor mill has been churning as to when and if that will happen.  I for one, was hoping that Spectromagic would be returning sometime soon, but if the rumors are true, that won’t be happening.

Earlier this week, there was a forum post on another Disney site, from someone saying that they saw pieces of what’s left of Spectromagic being thrown away into dumpsters.  Is this an “official” announcement from Disney? NO.  We cannot confirm the validity of this information.  The poster who made the claim, is from what I’ve heard, a reliable source though.  If this is true, fans of Spectromagic will be a heartbroken about this news.  It’s sad to think that something so loved by Disney Guests could be crushed into trailer styled dumpsters.  So very sad.

The Main Street Electrical Parade is a great part of Disney history, people love it.  However, Disney’s Spectromagic is equally a huge part of Disney, and something that is also loved by many people who visit the Parks each year.  Not only are the lights absolutely beautiful in Spectro, but the musical soundtrack of the Parade is lovely in it’s own right.  The music from Spectromagic is so catchy, it sticks with you, it becomes part of your Disney memories.  I can hear the music in my head right now as I write.

If the rumors are true, will Disney just keep the Electrical Parade as their only nighttime show?  Could they be creating a new parade, or rebuilding the floats from Spectromagic?  I have no idea.  We reported earlier this year that there is a new daytime parade coming to the Magic Kingdom next Spring, but nothing about the nighttime entertainment.   Until we get the official word, the fate of Spectomagic is speculation.  I truly hope this isn’t true.  If it’s true, and Spectromagic is gone, I’m sure it will be missed by families everywhere.  I know for my family, we will miss it very much.  More info to follow as we hear……

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