New Mickey Mouse shorts to premiere on Disney Channel

June 18, 2013



Score one for nostalgia!  With all the modern things happening at Disney, and people longing for a little bit of an old fashioned Disney fix, there is an announcement that should make some fans happy.  The Disney Channel has announced a new series of classic styled short films, titled simply, “Mickey Mouse.”

The new series will feature short adventures starring the beloved Mickey Mouse getting involved in comedic situations the way he used to back in the 1930s. In a deliberate attempt to get away from the modern look of computer animation, the new Mickey Mouse shorts will be done in traditional 2-D animation and feature a Mickey Mouse styled as he was in the 1930s, back when his short films were nominated nine times for best animated short film.  That’s pretty great.Adding to the retro style, the background designs are inspired by the look of Disney cartoons in the 1950s and ’60s, and it’s said that the production team is paying homage to other Disney icons along the way.

For those who have children who love Disney, but may not have gotten to see the old school Disney cartoons, this may be a good opportunity for that.  I have some of the old Mickey Mouse cartoon DVD’s that my kids have seen, and they’ve seen bits and pieces between shows on the Disney Channel here and there, but not like we used to see years ago.  I think having these classic styled cartoons shown on current Disney Channel programming will be a fun piece of nostalgia for kids and big kids alike.

The series will make its television debut with three new cartoon shorts the weekend of  June 28th through June 30th  at 8:30 pm EST on the Disney Channel.  New shorts will continue to be shown with Friday premieres beginning Friday, July 5.  Episodes will be available on WATCH Disney Channel,, the Mickey Video Player App and iTunes following their premiere.  I hope these shorts give Disney Fans that little bit of “Walt” styled entertainment that they’ve been looking  for!



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