Signs of Starbucks

June 4, 2013



It’s been over a year since Disney announced it’s partnering with Starbucks coffee, and now there are signs of the deal going up at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

A gold Starbucks’ logo is now featured on the window of the Main Street Bakery, and a second Starbucks sign has appeared above its doorway. Meanwhile, a notice on the door — with the logo of the “Main Street Restoration Society” — alerts guests that the bakery is being “refreshed” and suggests they visit the Tomorrowland Terrace for breakfast in the meantime.

There was a bit of controversy regarding Starbucks being at the Magic Kingdom.  Starbucks is more of a modern sign of the times for coffee lovers, and the Magic Kingdom is all about nostalgia and being a kid again.  It conflicts a little.  I hope they continue to keep the Starbucks signs at a minimum, so guests can focus on the Magic, and forget about the outside world!  That’s the Disney way, afterall!

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