Cast Member at Disneyland Arrested in Toontown Blast/Evacuation

May 29, 2013



That was fast!  We reported last night that there was an explosion from a “dry ice bomb” at Mickey’s Toontown yesterday at Disneyland, which caused for evacuation.  Now there has been an arrest in the incident, and a DL Cast Member is in custody.  He was arrested late Tuesday evening in connection with the explosion, which happened around 5:30 yesterday.

Christian Barnes, 22, of Long Beach, was the Cast Member Anaheim Police named as the suspect.  “We take matters like this very seriously and are working closely with local authorities,” said Suzi Brown, Disneyland Resort’s Director of Media Relations.

Anaheim Police officers responding to reports of a small bang were directed to a trash can, where they found “remnants of a water bottle, which is indicative of a dry ice explosion,” St. Bob Dunn said in a statement. The area was evacuated as a precaution, but no damage or injuries were reported. “All of a sudden you hear this huge pop and you see some stuff out of the trash can,” witness Treyson Brown said.

Barnes, an outdoor vending cast member, has been arrested on suspicion of possessing a destructive device.  He’s being held on $1 million bail.

I have to wonder…… WHY?  For a prank?  Was it worth it to him, to get in this amount of legal trouble, just to get a rise out of people?  To put it bluntly, this was really stupid of this kid.  It’s something that will follow him now, you do NOT mess with Disney.  What was he thinking?  He wasn’t.  Feel free to leave your thoughts.  Keep it here to TMSM for more breaking news as it becomes available.

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