Facts about Walt Disney World

April 8, 2013


This week we’re going to talk about some of the facts about Walt Disney World. Some of you more hardcore Disney fanatics are probably going to know a majority of these facts, but for those of you who don’t maybe you’ll learn something new.

So here we go. Did you know:

1. There is only one building on Main Street built to full scale? It’s Exposition Hall.

2. There’s an antenna for coordinating the Main Street parades located on the castle disguised as a flag.

3. On the day that Steve Jobs died, Disney World flew its flags at half staff.

4. “Ernest Saves Christmas” was the first movie filmed at Disney-MGM Studios.

5. When the Magic Kingdom originally opened it only cost $3.50 for admission.

6. There is a five legged goat in the mosaic muriel at the Contemporary Resort.

7. Animal Kingdom has live plants from every continent except Antartica.

8. Steve Tyler and Joe Perry rode Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster 12 times in a row when they came to preview the ride.

9. There are more than 10 million burgers, 6 million hot dogs a 9 million pounds of fries consumed in WDW every year.

10. Animal Kingdom is Disney’s largest theme park at 403 acres.

11. More than 30 tons of fruits and vegetables grown at The Land pavilion at Epcot are served in Walt Disney World restaurants.

12.Disney’s only full-time harpist entertains diners at Victoria & Albert’s, a grand dining experience at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.

13. The “Liberty Oak,” which is the focal point of the Liberty Square area in Magic Kingdom, is the proud parent of more than 500 young trees. They all started out as acorns harvested from the majestic oak.

14. John Hench, legendary Imagineer, is also characterized in the Magic Kingdom, as a knight in one of the murals in the corridors of Cinderella’s Castle.

15. More than 50 kinds of cheese are used by theme park and resort chefs.

16. Lady and the Tramp’s paw prints are found in the sidewalk outside of Tony’s Town Square.

17. There is a marker located west of Innoventions West that pinpoints the exact center of EPCOT.

18. Lightning struck Twilight Zone Tower of Terror when it was being built.

19. Only 10,000 people showed up to Magic Kingdom on opening day.

20. It took 1,700 tons of steel to build Spaceship Earth.


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