Downtown Disney to become Disney Springs

March 12, 2013


As we thought, it has been confirmed to cast members at Walt Disney World that Downtown Disney is going to be getting an extreme makeover! The Hyperion Wharf idea has long been scrapped, so make room for Disney Springs!

Disney Springs will be made up of several distinct neighborhoods, all set around a spring. Those neighborhoods will be called The Town Center, The West Side and The Marketplace. From what I understand, the Marketplace will stay mostly the same, but with some additions. Here’s what we know thus far:

Disney Springs will have two parking garages, instead of all the different parking lots. They need the room to expand for shops and restaurants.

A bridge is expected to be constructed by the Rainforest Cafe to help with the flow of people.

Captain Jack’s Restaurant will be closing.

The World of Disney store will be made even bigger, if you can imagine that!

I’ve heard rumors that Planet Hollywood will be turned into some sort of an observatory. I hope not though.

Brand name products, like MAC Cosmetics will be featured at different shops.

I’m trying to get more scoop for you all, but this is what I’ve heard thus far. The official announcement was supposed to be today, but was postponed due to unseasonal weather in Orlando. More to follow!


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