Is any time a good time?

February 13, 2013


I always say that ANY time is a good time to go to Disney. Well, hypothetically it is. If I had unlimited funds it is. If I didn’t mind big crowds it is. If I didn’t have to worry about my children’s school schedule it is. I think you get the idea! I think I’m more willing to bend on timing when Disney offers incentives and offers, rather than when they don’t. Actually, I’ve become pretty spoiled and stubborn about it!

If I’m running numbers on a potential Disney Vacation, sometimes I get sticker shock. Wow, can it be THAT much? What did we do the last time to save money? How can I get that number down? For me personally, the answer has been to wait till Disney offers Free Dining. The past few times we’ve visited WDW, we have gone just as the switch is being made from Summer to Fall. By the time we leave at the end of the week, the Magic Kingdom is filled with Mickey Mouse Pumpkins and Halloween Decorations. The beginning of the week…. not a pumpkin to be seen, hence, getting the shot at two seasons in one trip. Usually, at this time, is when Disney offers Free Dining, which is a HUGE incentive. It saves our family a ridiculous amount of money, and we all enjoy eating all that great food.

Another great thing about this time of year, is that most kids are back in school by then. Our area schools don’t start until after Labor Day, so our vacation doesn’t interfere with any school scheduling. Plus, with other kids being in school, the parks are less crowded, and the wait time is less for attractions. The downside… it sure is HOT at the end of August. Wow.

So, when deciding on a “good” time to travel to Disney, we usually weigh the pros and cons to see what works best. Free Dining, that’s the goal for now. Until I have extra money, don’t care about crowds, have no scheduling conflicts, etc…. then we really need to carefully plan our timing out. I wish I could go to Disney any time, but until then, we wait for those discounts and incentives! What about you?

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