2013 ~ The Year of TMSM

January 1, 2013


Happy New Year Disney Family!! It’s 2013, and most of us try to set goals for ourselves for the upcoming year. Whether it’s dieting, exercising, saving money, taking a vacation, etc… there are certain things we’d like to accomplish for the year ahead. My list usually involves one or more of the things I already mentioned. This year is a little different. This year has to do with you.

To say that I’m grateful for the success of TMSM is a huge understatement. I still can’t believe how blessed I’ve been, and how this could be just the beginning. I will talk to you guys more about my personal ideas later, I just wanted to state for now that we have goals here at TMSM. Being that YOU have supported my dream, that gives ME an important job to do. It’s my job to keep our members happy, informed, and of course to ensure that you’re all having fun! I don’t take that job lightly, and I won’t let you down. You believed in me, now it’s my turn to show my appreciation.

So, lets all look forward to 2013. Maybe it can be the year of The Main Street Mouse. As long as we’re all together, we can accomplish greatness, and we will. Thank you, all of you. And a special Thank You to our Webmaster who built this platform for me, and to Corey Tucker for always having my back when it comes to this site. It’s going to be a fun year, I’m glad you’re all along for the ride!

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