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Top 5 Things To Do At Walt Disney World In The Rain

Top 5 Things To Do At Walt Disney World In The Rain 1 Hello Main Street Mouse family! What a week it was here in Central Florida as hurricane Dorian traveled along our coast. We were all bracing for rough weather and that made me think of my next top five.  Rain! I know what you are thinking… you have planned this vacation for months and now it’s raining? How can you enjoy Disney in the rain? The truth is, you can take advantage of some great things when Continue Reading

One Rainy Night in Epcot

One Rainy Night in Epcot 7 We have all been there. You’re on your much anticipated Disney Vacation. The sky looks blue, the sun is out, you have your day planned, all is well. Florida weather isn’t exactly predictable, so looks can be deceiving. Just because your day starts off sunny and beautiful, doesn’t mean there won’t be a “cloud burst” that rains buckets on your Disney parade!  The storms in and ar Continue Reading
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