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Disney Graveyard: Body Wars ~ Do You Remember?

Disney Graveyard: Body Wars ~ Do You Remember? 1   Did you ever want to know what it would be like to be shrunken down to minuscule proportions and be inserted into the human body? On October 19, 1989 Disney gave us what most consider the first thrill ride in EPCOT Center. Body Wars was a motion simulator ride that opened with the Wonders of Life Pavilion. The pavilion showcased attractions that were related to health and the body and is located between the Continue Reading

Goodbye Rafiki’s Planet Watch

Goodbye Rafiki's Planet Watch 3 Rafiki’s Planet Watch, the popular attraction in Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom, will soon end. Rumors have swirled for years about its closing, and although it was thought to be placed on a seasonal schedule, we are hearing that it’s now finally being closed permanently. On the Walt Disney World website, hours for Rafiki’s Planet Watch go through September 29th, but hours beyond that aren Continue Reading
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