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Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 Set To Begin Filming In….

Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 Set To Begin Filming In.... 1 Today, it was announced from Walt Disney Studios that Pirates of the Caribbean 5 will be filmed in Queensland, Australia. According to the press release from Walt Disney Studios, the Australian government secured the film’s location with a $21.6 million contribution, but estimates that the film will bring in $100 million in local revenue to Queensland while creating thousands of jobs. Australian Attorney-General Continue Reading

Captain Jack’s Bandana ~ Fun Craft Idea

Captain Jack's Bandana ~ Fun Craft Idea 2 Captain Jack Sparrow’s Bandana ~ By Janel Adani “Yo Ho Yo Ho a Pirate’s life for me!” I fell in love with this Captain Jack inspired Bandana as soon as I saw it on Disney Family’s website! How adorable is this? I have been wanting my little boy(3) to dress up as Captain Jack for Halloween. He’s just now old enough that I think he would be super cute dressed up like him. This craft would be grea Continue Reading

Everything’s Coming Up Sparrow

Everything's Coming Up Sparrow 3 If you have followed The Main Street Mouse for any length of time, you may have noticed we really like Captain Jack Sparrow.  I saw that the Oh My Disney blog put out this about the Captain and I wanted to share it with all our loyal members. Captain Jack Sparrow always manages to come out on top. He gets captured by the British, locked up for life, sentenced to death, even abandoned on an island, and he continua Continue Reading

How To Pose, From Captain Jack Sparrow

How To Pose, From Captain Jack Sparrow 4 It’s very well known fact, at The Main Street Mouse we are very big fans of Captain Jack Sparrow.  From his catchy lines to the way he can escape any situation he finds himself in, we really enjoy everything he does on the big screen.  The Disney Insider blog put together some of the most famous stills from the Pirates of the Caribbean films in order to show us how Captain Jack posed for all his shots. Capt Continue Reading