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You’re Staying on Property?! Why? You’re a local? -M. Perkins

You’re Staying on Property?! Why? You’re a local? -M. Perkins 1 By Guest Contributor Michelle Perkins When I was in high school, I took my first trip to Walt Disney World with my grandparents.  I remember we stayed at a resort, it wasn’t on Disney Property, but at the time I didn’t realize that there was a property to stay on. I was not as well versed in Disney as I am now.  Years later when my parents took me to Disney to celebrate my college graduation, they arranged fo Continue Reading

Part Two – Mickey: The True Original Exhibition

Part Two - Mickey: The True Original Exhibition 3 Erika’s Note: Please enjoy part two of this guest blog from fellow Main Streeters, Lisa and Christian Porter! A huge thank you to them for contributing to TMSM’s original content. As previously mentioned, the exhibit features rooms dedicated to Steamboat Willie, Plane Crazy, Fantasia, The Band Concert, the Ink and Paint Department at the Animation Studios, the Mickey Mouse Club (all three iterations p Continue Reading

Mickey: The True Original Exhibition – Part One

Mickey: The True Original Exhibition - Part One 10 Erika’s Note: One of my favorite things about Meet Up is getting to know Main Streeters who want to contribute to our blog, and learning about their love of Disney through their diverse experiences. I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa and Christian Porter at our last event, and they volunteered to write a guest blog about visiting the ‘Mickey: The True Original Exhibition’ in New York City. Please Continue Reading

David Sobolov Interview #dragoncon

David Sobolov Interview #dragoncon 15 While at Dragon Con, I had the privilege to interview a very talent voice actor named David Sobolov. While you may not recognize his face, you will definitely recognize his voice. Over his career, his voice can be heard in everything from cartoons to video games to TV and  movies. His most notable roles include Drax in numerous Marvel animated movies and TV shows, as well as Gorilla Grodd on The Flash. He will a Continue Reading

Christian Kane Interview #dragoncon

Christian Kane Interview #dragoncon 17 While I was at Dragon Con I got to interview Christian Kane. He is not only an notable actor, but also an amazing country singer. I’ve  been a huge fan of Christian since I saw him in the MTV movie Love Song, where he starred alongside Monica. Christian has enjoyed a great career not only on TV with roles in hit shows Leverage and The Librarians, but he’s also had a great career on the silver screen in Summe Continue Reading

Dragon Con 2018 Review

Dragon Con 2018 Review 19 Every Labor Day Weekend for the past 32 years, Atlanta has hosted what some would call the greatest gathering of geeks and nerds this side of the Mississippi, and it goes by the name of Dragon Con. Dragon Con takes place in Downtown Atlanta and covers 5 hotels (Atlanta Hilton, Hyatt Regency, Marriott Marquis, Sheraton Atlanta and Westin) as well as 2 other buildings (AmericasMart Buildings 1 and 2). The ho Continue Reading

My Favorite Villains

top 10 villains My Favorite Villains by Guest Blogger Arielle Boardman We love to hate them. Sometimes they are scary and sometimes they are sneaky but they are always evil! Here are some of my favorite Villians. Ursula – She is sassy, feisty and above all; deliciously evil. Ursula the sea witch from “The Little Mermaid” is one of the most well known villains. And she get a killer song, “Poor Unfortunate Souls”. Yeah sh Continue Reading

Printable Disney Road Trip Games

Printable Disney Road Trip Games 24 Printable Disney Road Trip Games By Susanne Kain Hey there! In my never ending quest to make all things Disney, I found that there was a lack of road trip games for Disney items, so I decided to make my own! There are two scavenger hunts for each park; one for older kids and a picture one for the smaller ones. I also created Bingo games for Disneyland and Walt Disney World.. I hope you enjoy them! Continue Reading

“Did You Feel the Magic?” By Guest Blogger Alicia Banks

"Did You Feel the Magic?" By Guest Blogger Alicia Banks 25 We were not Disney People. My husband and I grew up with Disney movies and characters always in the periphery, but Disney was never a passion. We both had Disney ornaments on our Christmas trees as kids (we still have them now), we had our favorite characters, and when our daughter was born, we even themed her room in a mixture of E.H. Shepard and Disney Winnie the Pooh decor. And yet, we were not Disney People. Continue Reading

The Main Street Characters! By Guest Blogger Heather Araskiewicz

The Main Street Characters! By Guest Blogger Heather Araskiewicz 26 Arriving at the Magic Kingdom early has its advantages. You may get there in time to see the “rope drop” park opening show. You could enter the park before most of the crowd and run for your favorite attraction hopefully avoiding the lines. But if you are in no rush and take your time walking up Main Street you may be lucky enough to see some of the Main Street Characters. I recently met the Mayor of Continue Reading

What Adventures By Disney is Like, by an ABD veteran

What Adventures By Disney is Like, by an ABD veteran 27 Guest Blog by “ChickaPhant” In 10 days I embark on my next Adventures By Disney (ABD) trip to Alaska. This will be my third adventure.  My prior adventures were to London and Paris in 2011 and China in 2013. The ABD experience is awesome. A few weeks before your adventure begins, your welcome pack arrives. This includes your itinerary and a special gift. For my first tour we received blue back packs w Continue Reading
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