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Minnie Mouse Bath Bomb Craft Idea!

Minnie Mouse Bath Bomb Craft Idea! 1 Here’s a fun craft that maybe you could try at home from Disney Inspired! Relaxing! Put some fizz into bathtime by making these cherry and vanilla scented Minnie Mouse bath bombs – these are the perfect gift and so fun to create. What You’ll Need 240g bicarbonate of soda (also called baking soda) 120g cream of tartar 1 tsp of red food coloring 2 tsp of cherry and vanilla food flavoring 1 tbsp olive Continue Reading

Rapunzel Night Lantern ~ Make your own!

Rapunzel Night Lantern ~ Make your own! 2 From Disney Inspired Tangled is my all time favorite Disney movie, so this was an appropriate find! For Rapunzel, lanterns are a symbol of hope. The whole kingdom launched the floating lights in the hope that she was alive and would see them. Now kids can make their own lanterns with our paper and LED lights. Total Time: 20m What You’ll Need White A4 paper Orange tissue paper Scissors or craft knife Gl Continue Reading

Mickey and Minnie St. Patrick’s Day Ears ~ How to!

Mickey and Minnie St. Patrick's Day Ears ~ How to! 3 St. Patrick’s Day is today! Here’s a cute craft idea to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Topped with a leprechaun hat (properly cocked to one side, of course) and a bright green shamrock bow, these Mickey and Minnie headbands are earmarked for young Disney fans to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in fine Irish style. You can download the PDF template from here: Continue Reading

Belle-Inspired Mickey Ears for Your Adventurous Pup

Belle-Inspired Mickey Ears for Your Adventurous Pup 4 I have two sweet bulldog pups who I adore.  They of course have cute Disney themed collars and leashes, as I’m sure a lot of you have for your fur babies.  But what about mouse ears? If you’re looking to try ears for your dogs, you can actually make a pair! Disney Family has instructions on how to make Belle inspired Mickey ears that are so adorable, I had to share the details with you! Here’s h Continue Reading

Thanksgiving Mickey Table Decorations and Mini Gourd Lanterns ~ DIY

Thanksgiving Mickey Table Decorations and Mini Gourd Lanterns ~ DIY 8 Thanksgiving is next week already! If you’re looking to add some extra magic to your table, here’s a great craft idea from Disney Family! Seems easy enough, Enjoy! Download PDF ~ Time: 25 Minutes What You’ll Need Mini gourds Battery powered mini lights Scissors Knife Spoon or ice Continue Reading

Disney Craft Idea! Jack Skellington String Garland!

Disney Craft Idea! Jack Skellington String Garland! 10 What’s this? An adorably festive craft inspired by the King of Halloween Town from Disney Family! Being that the Nightmare Before Christmas is something that can apply from now until the holidays, this craft is a fun idea! Here’s how you make your own Jack Skellington string garland! What You’ll Need White cotton string Black felt Water balloons Liquid fabric starch Regular paper or cardstock Scissors Ho Continue Reading

Crafting for a cruise

Crafting for a cruise 12 You’ve booked your cruise. Paid it off. Checked in online. Booked your excursions. What else is left to do? Make decorations for your door, of course! Decorating your stateroom door on a Disney cruise is not only fun, it lets you distinguish your door from the rest of the doors on your deck.  So pull out your craft supplies and get ready to show your Disney side! Before getting started it’s important to know t Continue Reading

DIY Mickey Wreath

DIY Mickey Wreath 15 One of our Mainstreeters in our Facebook group, TMSM Fan Nation, had shared a DIY Mickey Wreath that she had done a few weeks ago and I thought, what a great idea!  So I decided to give it a try. She mentioned that she purchased most of the supplies, including the flowers, at the Dollar Store.  I was intrigued because I didn’t think you could make such a beautiful wreath from stuff from the Dollar Store, bu Continue Reading

DIY Minnie Floral Wreath

DIY Minnie Floral Wreath 20 It’s almost Spring time which means it’s time to get some Spring decor into our homes.  Of course if you are a big Disney fan like me, you are always looking for ways to add a touch of Disney to your home.  What better way than this DIY Minnie Floral Wreath.  Thanks to Disney Family for sharing this super simple wreath with us! What You’ll Need Floral wire 3 metal macrame hoops (1 large, 2 small) Continue Reading

Canvas Painting on the Board ~ Special Event at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn!

Canvas Painting on the Board ~ Special Event at Disney's Boardwalk Inn! 27 Recap in case you missed it! This was a great experience! ~M Yesterday, we were so excited to attend a special event at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn. It was called “Canvas Painting on the Board” and was located on the outside terrace of the lobby of the resort. This was the first time a painting class like this has been offered for Valentine’s Day, and being that it was Tangled themed, I really ne Continue Reading

Mickey’s Valentine Tote ~ Cute Craft Idea!

Mickey's Valentine Tote ~ Cute Craft Idea! 38 Here’s a cute Valentine craft idea courtesy of our friends at Disney Spoonful! Enjoy! ~M Take it from Mickey — Valentine’s Day is no time to be quiet as a mouse. Featuring two big thumbs up, this tote makes an eye-catching carrier for putting all your children’s love letters and cards in the limelight, both the ones they plan to hand out as well as those they collect. What You’ll Need Download Mi Continue Reading
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