Edited to add the system is up now!

By Melissa Grove & Elizabeth Thompson

The Park Reservation System Launch is off  to a Rough Start on Day One

Two very frustrated TMSM Staffers reported in this morning.  As you may know, Annual Passholders and guests with hotel reservations in 2020 could log in 6/22… Allegedly.

When attempting to access the log in system, the new pink castle appeared on the ‘Just a Moment’ page.



Endless Gateway errors and time outs happened. The system asked for the user name and password, making them actually type the password instead of using the saved one in the system. Then it claimed the password incorrect. Also appearing is the notorious Stitch eating the page.

Chat was pretty much nonexistent as it disappeared off the page when attempting to connect.

Want to call?

The Disney passholder line was down (407) 939-7277

The regular reservation system line was out. (407) 939-5277

Both: “We are sorry, your call could not be completed as dialed. Please try your call again later.”

One hour later, sadly, we gave up.

We understand that this system is brand new and that sometimes things take time to catch on and work. Hopefully Disney can iron out the kinks and fix the issue so that guests can have an easier time in the future. So what about you! Were you able to get in the new system this morning? Share your experience in the comments!

Hang in there everyone! Mel & Lizz

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