By Janel Adani

How cute are these? Gabby, my 13 year old, is the crafty one in the family. She saw these really cute washer necklaces online and her wheels started spinning with ideas. We had a big box of extra parts leftover from when we put our swing set together, so we started digging around. We found all kinds of different washers that we could use to make these awesome Mickey themed necklaces and bracelets.


We found different sizes and different textures of washers. We then gathered all of Gabby’s really cute nail polishes and some paint. We found that the paint we had was not metal paint and did not stick; however nail polish was perfect. For the nail polish ones, I used 2 coats. Gabby really liked a particular color of paint so she first applied a coat of nail polish and then after it dried she added a layer of paint. The paint gave it an antiqued look to it. It was pretty cool.


Once all of your nail polish dries completely it’s time to glue them together. We chose Gorilla Glue which can be found in most major craft stores. Once glue is applied, let it dry overnight. That’s it! When completely dry, attach a chain or jewelry cord. We made a few into necklaces and a few into bracelets. These would be really cool as a keychain as well.

I absolutely loved making these with my daughter. It was such a fun bonding experience. My 7 year old could probably paint these too, but I would recommend that an adult apply the Gorilla Glue to prevent little fingers from getting stuck together. This craft was super cheap and easy. The only thing we bought was the jewelry cord which was only a couple dollars at the craft store. You can probably dig around Dad’s tool box for some spare washers. Have fun!

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