TMSMonthly July 2015 – Premiere Issue – FREE

YES You did read that right, you can enjoy the premiere issue of The Main Street Monthly – July 2015 Issue for FREE.

Why are we doing this you maybe asking?  It’s simple, we want to give every person who is a reader of TMSM’s blogs, a chance to read the magazine. The reviews for the magazine have been overwhelming to say the least. We want everyone to be able to see that debut issue and hopefully form the exact same opinion as the others. The best part about this, we are giving you this issue for FREE. You don’t have to sign up for anything to read it either. There is absolutely no obligation.

You can either view the issue below in the Flip Book style or you can get your copy of the July 2015 issue by downloading it to your device using the link that is listed below the Flip Book.

If you like it, and we hope you will, then we hope you will consider purchasing each issue as they are released. Each issue is available for only $1.99.

July 2015 TMSMonthly Cover

Click HERE to download the July 2015 premiere issue of The Main Street Monthly.  This first issue is 101 pages in length and is 66.7MB in size.

To order the magazine visit: and order your current issue today.