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Jun 21

TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ Frozen Fun and Beyond

Happy Wednesday Everyone! It’s been a busy week down here in Florida. Yes, it’s still raining, we’re going on week three at this point. We have been trying to make the most of it though, and we have a lot to talk about, so lets go! We are into Summer vacation for the kids, and …

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Jun 17

It’s Been Three Years today ! #liveyourdreams

Three years ago today, we crossed the border into sunny Florida to make a new life for ourselves.  THREE years already.  Back then I was a nervous wreck, in complete and total disbelief that we were actually leaving Michigan and moving across the country.  Sometimes I’m still in disbelief, truthfully.  Change is hard.  Very hard …

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Jun 14

TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ Making the Best of Things

Happy Wednesday Main Streeters!  I hope you’re all doing well and are ready to chat and catch up, because I am!  This past week was a bit more eventful than the previous one, so let’s get started! As I mentioned (more than once) last week, Florida has been receiving it’s share of rain.  It’s a …

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Jun 07

TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ Frozen Fun, Rain and Sixteen Candles

Happy Wednesday Main Streeters! I hope you’re all doing well tonight! We are, but my gosh, it started raining last week and it hasn’t stopped! Granted, Florida needed rain, but it’s been constant! The kids last day of school was last Tuesday, and I don’t think we’ve seen the sun since!  They say a rainy …

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May 31

TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ Beyond Busy, but Beyond Thankful! #disneylife #visitpandora

Last week I only scratched the surface about what’s been going on down here, with the media events at Disney to cover, my son Aidan’s birthday, MegaCon, a character breakfast and more…..Whew! It’s been so busy, and I have a lot to tell you about, so we’re going to jump right in! (you may need …

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May 24

TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ A Quick Hello

Hey everyone, Happy Wednesday!  You may notice that this blog is posting at an earlier time, and there’s good reason for that! Right now I’m at a media event for Disney, and I wanted to clear time for live feeds and such! So this weeks blog will be shorter, but I promise to have a …

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May 17

TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ Thankful #visitpandora #happilyeverafter

Every week we talk about the ups and downs of our lives here in Florida. If you’ve followed me for the past three years, you know it’s not always a walk in the park, sometimes it’s hard. We push forward anyway, always. This week we’re going to talk about how this past weekend was a …

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May 03

TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ Family Time

It’s Wednesday and time for our weekly check in. This week we’ve been super busy, my parents have been in town! Yay! Lets catch up! Last weekend we were trying to do all we could to get the monthly magazine finished, plus prepare for a visit from my mom and dad. It was a lot …

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