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TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living – Adventure is Out There

Happy Wednesday! This past week has been quite crazy. Adventure is indeed out there, and we have a lot to talk about! Lets get to it! We’re in the middle of back to school week here in the Orlando area. So early, yes, but it is what it is. That being said, the past week I wanted to fit in some family time with the boys before school life took over. I asked what they wanted to do last Friday, and gasp, they ch

TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ Family First

Happy Wednesday Everyone! So this week really isn’t a Florida Living update, not like usual.  It’s mostly Michigan. Lets get right to it! With the end of summer vacation for the kids looming, we had been trying to think of something to do with the boys.  I absolutely hate that they go back to school so early, I really miss how it was up North, after Labor Day.  We had an opportunity to go out to Disn

TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ It’s Raining Again

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I hope you’re doing well and are ready to chat! It’s that time! Well…. it’s been raining here in Central Florida. A lot. Like, every single day. I know some will say, it’s Florida and that’s what you get. While that’s true, it has just been a ridiculous amount lately, storms almost every single day. Speaking of storms, let’s talk about

Disney After Hours, Our Review! #disneyafterhours

Re-post in case you missed it! On Saturday evening, we went to Disney’s Magic Kingdom to attend the Disney After Hours event. What’s Disney After Hours you ask? It’s a separate ticket event held on select nights, and it’s truly a great time. Let’s talk about it! Disney After Hours happens after the Magic Kingdom closes. Guests who don’t have the event lanyard can not stay in the

Show Your Disney Side with Lost Princess Apparel! #DisneyStyle

These days, showing your Disney style is all the rage, especially when you’re visiting a Disney destination. If you look around at the parks, you’ll see some adorable shirts and such, and no, you can’t purchase them at the gift shops! One place you can find these novelty items is at the new Lost Princess Apparel. Here, our staff is creating some amazing original designs in novelty tees. Here are a

TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ Keep Moving Forward… Again! #DisneyLife

Happy Wednesday All! It’s been quite an adventure since we spoke last. Lately though, I feel like I’m saying that every week. It’s not a bad thing, not complaining, we’ve just been swamped! Let’s get to our chat! So… Merry Christmas! Wait, it’s July, right? Well at Walt Disney World for a group of media guests, last Friday was Christmas in July. We had this last summer, an

Is Disney in Your Soul? #DisneyLife

Posting again for those who missed it! Enjoy! ~M For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a Disney girl.  I honestly don’t recall a time when I didn’t have an affection for all things Disney. When I was little, my mom took me to see Disney movies.  When I was 6 I went to Walt Disney World for the first time, those are my earliest memories.  Is that what triggered my so called Disney life? I cer