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Construction Update Photos from Disney’s Hollywood Studios

As you know, Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World is undergoing a HUGE overhaul with the addition of lands for Toy Story and Star Wars. You can really see the changes coming to be and it’s pretty exciting. We took a walk through the Studios yesterday and I wanted to share some photos with you so you can see what’s happening! The word on the Disney street is that this area will be getti

New Additions to the Muppets Area at Hollywood Studios

As most of you know, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is going through quite an overhaul. Work has begun on the new additions, including the area near Muppetvision 3D. Pizza Planet has been closed, and a new restaurant, Pizzerizzo is being put in it’s place. The signage is up and it’s coming right along! This area has been boarded up for quite a few months, so has the restroom that is attached to t