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This DIY Minnie Floral Wreath Is Perfect for Spring

Spring is almost here, and that means it’s time for themed decor for the season. Wreaths always work. How about a Spring wreath with a Disney twist? Check out how to make your own Minnie floral wreath below! What You’ll Need Floral wire 3 metal macrame hoops (1 large, 2 small) Hot glue Faux flowers Red and white polka dot ribbon Scissors Ceiling hook or strong tape How To Make It Use floral wire to atta

Mickey and Minnie St. Patrick’s Day Ears ~ How to!

St. Patrick’s Day is coming this weekend! Here’s a cute craft idea to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, it’s coming up soon! Topped with a leprechaun hat (properly cocked to one side, of course) and a bright green shamrock bow, these Mickey and Minnie headbands are earmarked for young Disney fans to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in fine Irish style. You can download the PDF template from h

DIY Sleeping Beauty Inspired Mickey Ears!

Here’s a cute craft idea for you!   More and more, we are seeing custom made ear headbands and such while at Disney Parks.  People are getting creative, and coming up with super cute ideas. Speaking of ideas, Disney Style put out this tutorial for DIY Mickey Ears, inspired by Sleeping Beauty! Learn how to make it below!  

Mickey Paint Marbling Craft ~ Make Your Own!

Here’s another adorable and fun craft idea courtesy of our friends at Disney Family! What You’ll Need Regular paper or cardstock Scissors Pencil Cardboard box Hot glue Black paint Paintbrush White paint Glitter Popsicle stick, or toothpick Optional: Provide a designated amount of each color of paint to limit paint use. How To Make It Print Mickey template on regular paper or cardstock. Cut out Mickey s

Toy Story Tree Topper Craft ~ How to Make it!

For Toy Story Fans! Here’s another great Christmas craft idea from Disney Family! It’s a Toy Story Tree Topper! What You’ll Need: Red, yellow and blue construction paper Gold holiday stems Large floral wire Hot glue Wire cutters Pencil Scissors How To Make It: 1. Start by cutting out a large blue circle and a slightly smaller yellow circle. Use mason jar lids or cups of different sizes to trace out

Fleece Mickey Wreath ~ How To Make Your Own!

Amanda Kay Rusnak and Alicia Shepard Niemenski were nice enough to share their Mickey Wreath images and directions with TMSM Fan Nation and now we get to share them with you!!   What you need: 1 large wire wreath form 2 small wire wreath forms Zip ties Fabric Strips of your choosing (1 inch wide x 5 inches long)   Directions: 1. Zip tie your two smaller wreaths to the larger one 2. Tie the fabric into kn

Sparky Pillow~ Crafting Fun

Cute crafting idea! Supplies Needed Download Sparky Pillow Scissors Clear tape ½ yard square white felt 9- by 12-inch sheet plain or textured black felt Two 6-inch pipe cleaner lengths Glue gun 2 small black buttons (about 3/8-inch in diameter) Polyester fiberfill (or other suitable filling for stuffing the pillow) Wooden spoon How To Make It 1 Print the template and cut out