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Gravity Falls Cast Reunites for Hilarious ‘Journal 3’ Book Informercial

Disney released a new parody video to promote the long-awaited Gravity Falls: Journal 3 book. The video stars the actors who voice the Pines twins, Kristen Schaal – America’s sweetheart (to a small few) and Jason Ritter. In the quirky segment, the Dipper and Mabel actors sell an actual book “sweater” to fans. Last year, the final episode of the beloved Gravity Falls series aired; but that doesn’t mean th Continue Reading

BIG NEWS ~ Details Below on “Moving to Main Street, U.S.A.”

After months and months of work, and keeping things quiet, I can finally share this with you…..  Our story is here! At the end of last summer, I was asked by a publishing company to write my story, from just being a life long Disney fan in Michigan, to pushing forward to making my Disney dreams come true by moving to Florida. The book is called “Moving to Main Street, U.S.A.” and it’s a fr Continue Reading

Mickey Mouse Autograph Book ~ Craft Idea

Making Disney inspired crafts at home is such a fun thing to do! It helps pass the time between Disney vacations, which we all know can seem like forever! Autograph books are pricey, but a fun item that a lot of people bring to the various parks with them, in hopes to get a signature from a favorite character! To save a little money, you can make an autograph book on your own! Here’s how: What You’ll N Continue Reading