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Nara Dreamland Photos

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  • hdm81:

    Check out picture #19… in the upper Rt corner it could be a hidden Mickey in the clouds :)

  • Thank you for the comments and sharing. Stagedad, I know Geauga Lake, we are located in Southeast Michigan. I have spent many summers at Cedar Point. Hldquilter, thank you very much for sharing the link. We use to have a small park in Michigan called Boblo Isle which was a lot of fun to go to when I was a kid. Had to take a ferry to the island which was a ride in itself. Now the island is full of condos, so sad

  • hldquilter:

    Check out this cool local site – http://www.pdxhistory.com/html/lotus_isle.html . Lotus Isle is long gone, but Oaks Park is still going. There is a list and pictures. We actually have had a few parks come and go. When I was a kid there was Pixieland down at the beach. I’m glad I can now go to Disney!

  • Stagedad:

    These pictures remind me of a place I went to as a kid. The name of the place was Geauga lake in Ohio. Had a lot of memories there. Sadly cedar point closed it down. Bright side of things is now I get to take my family to Disney.

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