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Disney Treasures October Box – Haunted Forest Review

So, my favorite time of year is upon us.  I love the Halloween season so much.  All the scary and spooky things everywhere, television shows about all the different haunted attractions all over the world and of course Halloween time at Disney parks.  I’ve always been a huge fan of the Haunted Mansion and the villains so when I heard the October theme for the Funko Disney Treasures Box was Haunted Forest I Continue Reading

More Details About Spooky Day In The Parks!!!

A New Event by the Creators of Spooky Empire for a Weekend of Villainy Fun Spooky Empire is thrilled to announce the addition of a new event: Spooky Day In The Parks. Coming to Central, FL this Fall on September 22 – 23, 2017, Spooky Day in the Parks is a two-day meet up event for fans that have a “villainous” side. The weekend taking place throughout the Walt Disney World® Resort, will include a mi Continue Reading

THE Top 5: Disney’s Villains By Guest Blogger Cameron Ramos

The Disney Villains; we LOVE to hate them. But who are the top five best Disney Villains? Let’s go to the scoreboard! 5. Hades, Hercules The ruler of the Underworld has been one of my favorite Disney Villains for as long as I can remember. He’s the perfect combination of ruthless and hilarious. He has two of the funniest henchmen in Pain and Panic, and has many tricks up his sleeve to try and defeat Hercules, Continue Reading

1 Model, 7 Disney Villains High Fashion Transformations

From the Disney Style blog One model, seven Disney Villains high fashion looks! A few weeks back, we showed you a super cool transformation video where one model underwent several Disney makeovers in a matter of seconds. This week, we’re shaking things up with seven Disney Villains transformations, but with a super high fashion spin. Instead of just recreating the Villains’ looks perfectly, we had our hair and Continue Reading

Meet the Next Generation of Villains in the Trailer for Disney Descendants

We put out a giveaway a little while ago for the Isle of the Lost novel, now here is a little introduction to the new generation of the Villains for the Descendants movie. From the Oh My Disney blog Ever asked yourself what happened to the Disney Villains after the movie ends and our favorite heroes get their happily ever after? Well, wonder no more. According to Disney Descendants, an upcoming Disney Channel Origi Continue Reading

Disney Villains And Their Kids

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if Disney’s most iconic Villains or Hero’s for that matter, had children?  What type of parents would they be?  Well coming this summer, you are going to get that opportunity to see what it would be like.  There is a new Disney Channel original movie coming called “Descendants”.   So you maybe wondering, what’s this story going to b Continue Reading

The Author of “The Isle of the Lost” Gave Us the Scoop on the Disney Villains’ Kids

From the Oh My Disney blog If you like fun even a little bit, then you’ve probably already heard about Disney’s Descendants, the upcoming Disney Channel film about the teenage kids of Disney Villains.And if you hadn’t heard about it yet: yes, it’s a real thing! If waiting for its release later this year is too much for your heart to handle, you’re not alone, and also don’t worry: there’s a prequel nov Continue Reading

Villain Spotlight Series: Mother Gothel

Mother Gothel is one of those sinister villains who lures people in with promises of hugs and delicious hazelnut soup. We know from the beginning that she’s evil, but she’s such a good liar that she still pulls the wool over our eyes at times. However, when she starts with the backhanded compliments it becomes very clear that she’s sinister to the core. Let’s review some of Mother Gothel’s best (and worst Continue Reading

Five Places to Spot Villains on a Disney Cruise

From Jonathan Frontado, Disney Cruise Line and posted on the Disney Parks Blog. Even Villains love Disney cruises! Here’s a look at some of the places you can spot these nefarious characters while sailing the high seas … Singing on stage: The name of our hilarious musical production, “Villains Tonight!” says it all! This family-friendly show on the Disney Dream and Disney Magic features a “Who’s Who Continue Reading

Take the Disney Villain Songs Challenge

Here is a fun Quiz about the Disney Villain Songs from the Disney Playlist blog. The Disney Villains have been known to have a trick or two up their sleeve, and this quiz is no exception. Are you the master of evil (lyrics)? The time has come to find out… we hope you’re better prepared than those darn hyenas. 1. ♫ To see her is to take a __________ ♫ a. Sudden Chill b. Bitter Pill 2. .  ♫ You won’t g Continue Reading

MY Top Ten Disney Villains

top 10 villains Like a lot of people, I’m a big fan of the different Disney Villains.  I decided to share my list of my, and I stress the word MY,  top 10 Disney Villains.  First wanted to decide if the list should be any Disney Villain or just animated ones.   The live action villains like Davy Jones, Loki, Queen Larissa, and the Queen of Hearts are all evil. The actors who play these characters all did an amazing job Continue Reading