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Tuesdays With Corey ~ Traveling Without Kids To WDW

Time and time again I’ve heard the same thing, “But Disney World and Disneyland are for kids.” I’ve heard it from friends, co-workers and people who have actually been there, but didn’t know that there’s a whole other side of Disney for us adults. Sure most kids love and adore it but why can’t adults have an “adult good time” without kids every once in a while. So for those of you who don’t know Continue Reading

The Tree of Life Story ~ Tuesdays With Corey

It’s time for Tuesdays With Corey! At one time no vegetation would grow on Discovery Island at the Animal Kingdom. No tree, shrubs, flowers or plants. It was completely barren. One day a tiny ant planted a seed and made a wish. He wished for a tree to grow on the barren piece of land, a tree large enough to provide shelter for all of the animals. The ants’ wish came true and a tree began to grow. It contin Continue Reading

Tuesdays With Corey: Hauntings From The Happiest Place On Earth!

America has had its share of haunted places throughout history. From the east coast to the west coast stories of ghosts and spirits of the afterlife have rolled off the tongues of many people. Stories of ghosts and hauntings have had a place in history for hundreds of years. Stories of places like Alcatraz Prison, The Stanley Hotel, the Battlefields of Gettysburg, Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Wait, what? Walt Continue Reading

Tuesdays With Corey ~ The Canada Pavilion

  When you are leaving Future World and heading into World Showcase you know that you have to go either left or right. To the left are our friends to the south of us, Mexico and to the right is Canada. I for one prefer to go right and make my way counter-clockwise, so this article is going to be about Canada. I think that the landscaping that is done by Disney is superior to all the other pavilions in the Wor Continue Reading

Strange Disney Facts ~ Tuesdays With Corey

– A list of some of the weirder things that I’ve read about the “World” and the “Land” that we all cherish and love. All of the flags in the Magic Kingdom are fake except for the one in the center courtyard. Know which attractions music never stops due to the trouble of shutting it off and rebooting it? It’s a Small World’s music never shuts off. I’m sure that Continue Reading

Tuesdays With Corey ~ Filming in Disney/MGM

When Disney was planning for a new pavilion in EPCOT Future World they were brainstorming ideas of one being based around a movie theme. The ride that was going to be included was The Great Movie Ride. But newly appointed CEO Michael Eisner came up with another idea. Instead of just placing the ride in a park, why not base a park around the ride. So in 1989 we got a third park in Walt Disney World, Disney MGM Studi Continue Reading

Tuesdays With Corey ~ Facts about Indiana Jones

Since Disney bought Lucasfilm, there has been a whole lot of hype surrounding the Star Wars franchise with around 150 movies being announced to a Star Wars Land being announced on the east and west  coast, but very little talk about one of my childhood favorites and that’s Indiana Jones.There’s been rumors of who could possibly take over the role, even Harrison Ford saying he wants to play him again. But Continue Reading

Tuesdays With Corey: Some Not So Obvious Secrets…

If you read many of my articles you probably know that I enjoy the little known facts of Walt Disney World. I’ve written several “Did you Know” type articles and this is another one. I’m constantly reading trying to learn new things that I didn’t know so I can check it out the next time I’m in the parks, so here’s a few new ones that I’ve found out about. 1. Liberty Square is one of my favorite spo Continue Reading

Fess Parker and Davy Crockett ~ Tuesdays With Corey

“Born on a mountain top in Tennessee, greenest state in the land of the free. Raised in the woods so’s he knew every tree. Killed him a bear when he was only three. Davy, Davy Crockett King of the Wild Frontier.” If you were a kid growing up in the mid 1950’s then these few lines from a television theme song may be one of your fondest memories. Davy Crockett was a five part series that ran o Continue Reading

Tuesdays With Corey ~ The Story Behind Expedition Everest

Many of the people who visit the Disney parks know that there is something special about each and every one. There’s “magic” at the parks. It may be in the form of a very generous castmember replacing a dropped ice cream cone or a certain song playing during your favorite firework show that sets off your “I must have something in my eye” moments. To me one of the things that make it all magical is th Continue Reading

Free things to do at Walt Disney World ~ Tuesdays With Corey

Anyone who has ever been down to Walt Disney World knows that it can cost a pretty penny, but have you ever stopped to think about the things that they offer that doesn’t cost a dime to do? There are many things that you can do other than just going commando style at one of the theme parks or water parks. So this week I’m going to give you some of my favorite FREE things to do while we are at the “World”. Continue Reading