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Top 5 Places in the Magic Kingdom to watch the sun set

While in the parks, do you ever make time to stop and enjoy the little things that bring out the magic? At the end of a long day of running from ride to ride, sometimes it’s just nice to stop and take in the beauty of the park. Nothing enhances the park more than the Florida sunset. Sunsets are one of my top 5 things to photograph, and I find myself chasing them all the time in the parks, especially during th Continue Reading

Classic Space Mountain Returns to Disneyland Park This Summer

From our friend, Erin Glover, Editorial Content Director, Disneyland Resort and posted on the Disney Parks Blog. Get ready to initiate power transfer in 3…2…1… when the classic Space Mountain returns to Disneyland park June 1! Just days after we mark the 40th anniversary of this Tomorrowland favorite, space travelers will blast off once again for their intergalactic adventure. A variation of a concept Walt Continue Reading

Disney Parks Blog Readers ‘Recruit’ Guests for Tomorrowland

As one of the lucky 500 to be able to see the special presentation and also received the 5 pins to recruit others with, I wanted to share this blog with all.  First I must say, I really enjoyed the film.  I wasn’t sure what I would think of it till I saw the extended preview that was being shown at Epcot.  I highly recommend this film to all, and if you have seen it, please share what you thought so others Continue Reading

Tomorrowland Writer Jeff Jensen Reveals the Movie’s Secret History

From the Disney Insider In Disney’s Tomorrowland, everyday citizens, blessed with overactive imaginations, are plucked from the humdrum reality of everyday life and whisked to a magical, futuristic world where anything is possible. The same could be said of Jeff Jensen, a writer and editor at Entertainment Weekly, who was called upon to help create Tomorrowland alongside some genuine filmmaking luminaries: co-wr Continue Reading

We Took Tomorrowland Toys To Tomorrowland

From the Disney Style blog Last week, we were lucky enough to get invited to the gala premiere of Disney’sTomorrowland, one of our very favorite movies of the year, as well as the insane after-party that took over Disneyland’s Tomorrowland. (Yes, we could ride Space Mountain, with no line, as many times as we wanted. Talk about an embarrassment of riches.) Tomorrowland stars Britt Robertson as a young girl with Continue Reading

‘Tomorrowland’ Shirt Coming to Disney Parks Online Store from May 22-28

From Steven Miller, Merchandise Communications Manager and posted on the Disney Parks Blog. I can’t wait to see “Tomorrowland” which is now playing in theatres. To celebrate the release of this new motion picture, we are offering a T-shirt for adults, women and kids on the Disney Parks online store from May 22-28. Designed by Disney Design Group artist Richard Terpstra, the shirts will contain a glow-in-t Continue Reading

Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom Park: Then and Now…

From Thomas Smith, Social Media Director, Disney Parks and posted on the Disney Parks Blog. We’re continuing our special image series “Then and Now” with a look at how Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort has changed over the years. Scroll back and forth to see both views. When Magic Kingdom Park opened in 1971, Tomorrowland featured Grand Prix Raceway, Flight to the Moon, the Sk Continue Reading

Brad Bird Talks Tomorrowland, Star Wars, and Incredibles 2

From the Disney Insider blog If you’re a fan of Disney and Disney•Pixar then you’re probably a fan of Brad Bird. Bird was awarded a scholarship from Disney to attend the California Institute of the Arts, where his classmates included future Pixar co-founder John Lasseter, and after graduating worked for Disney on the traditionally animated The Fox and the Hound (where he toiled alongside fellow Cal Arts gr Continue Reading

In Honor Of Tomorrowland, Our 22 Favorite Disney Robots

From the Oh My Disney blog Disney’s glittery sci-fi fantasia Tomorrowland is full of robots. There are evil robots that look like toothy humans and scamper after George Clooney and Britt Robertson. There are kindly robots that look like a little girl and have an eye towards saving mankind from itself. There are giant, hulking robots that clang and crash into each other. There are so many robots, in fact, that we Continue Reading

Tomorrowland Writer Damon Lindelof Opens the Mystery Box

From the Disney Insider Writer/producer Damon Lindelof knows a thing or two about mystery. Lindelof is the co-creator of the long-running television show Lost, a series that hooked viewers with its seemingly endless conundrums enthralled viewers from the moment it premiered back in September of 2004. This was a show where an inexplicable plane crash was just the beginning of six seasons of head-scratching moments Continue Reading

Stars Shine Bright at the Disneyland Resort for World Premiere of ‘Tomorrowland’

From George Savvas, Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort and posted on the Disney Parks Blog. Last weekend, the Disneyland Resort hosted the world premiere of “Tomorrowland” at Downtown Disney Districtwith a special after party at Disneyland park in (where else?) Tomorrowland! Here you’ll hear from the stars on the red carpet, including the film’s star, George Clooney, about the excitement of bei Continue Reading