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TMSM’s Party on the Patio, Paradiso 37 at Disney Springs! TONIGHT!

Our meet up weekend is finally here! I can’t believe how fast time has flown. In addition to our usual full day at a park, Magic Kingdom on September 30th, we have a new event! Party on the Patio at Paradiso 37, Disney Springs, on the night before the meet up! Yes, that’s right! Tonight at 6:00, come join us to meet other Main Streeters, make new friends, and help me celebrate my new book, Moving to Mai

TMSM’s Meet Up at the Magic Kingdom ~ The Details on our Magical Day!

It’s Thursday night, and time for our weekly feel good blog.  This week’s story of kindness is all about our Big TMSM Meet Up, and the wonderful people who came out to see us last Saturday.  As with any meet up we do big or small, I usually worry and plan way in advance, because I want things to go well and the goal is to ensure that people have a good time. We had a schedule planned for the day, so

Get Your Shirt For The Main Street Mouse Meet Up On October 17th

As you have probably seen on Facebook, The Main Street Mouse is planning our BIG yearly site meet-up on October 17th.  This year, we are meeting at the Magic Kingdom park for a great day to come together as one large Disney family and enjoy the park that has both Main Street and the Mouse. Last year, our meet up was held at Epcot and we had a fantastic turn out.  We met so many of you face to face and it was wond

Random Acts of Kindness Thursday ~ TMSM Meet Up, #FrozenSummer!

This week’s Random Acts of Kindness article goes out to all the amazing people who showed up last night to our Frozen Summer Fun TMSM Meet Up! It was a stormy evening, and I wasn’t sure if people would come, but low and behold, they sure did, and a great time was had by all! Frozen Summer Fun started last week at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, so I thought that was the perfect place to hold a meet

TMSM Meet Up Reminder!

If you’re going to be at Disney’s Hollywood Studios tomorrow evening, be sure to stop by and say hello to other Main Streeters, we’ll be there too! We’re having a mini meet up at the Frozen Summer Fun festivities, starting at 6:45 near the Hyperion Theater, formerly the American Idol Experience. Come and say hello, hang out with us, and stick around for some fun and fireworks. If you̵

TMSM Meet Ups are Coming!

One of my favorite parts of my job here at TMSM is getting to host meet ups for our readers. I love being able to thank our Main Streeters in person and give out some long overdue hugs. That being said, we have meet ups coming, and I wanted to be able to let you know in advance, at least for the bigger one, so that those who want to attend have enough time to plan for it. The first one, which is of shorter notice,

Seeing Disney Through the Eyes of a First Timer!

It’s cold outside, and I’ve been thinking about my friends and family back up north, and how they’re holding up with the bitter temperatures. I don’t need many reasons to think of home, it happens all the time! In doing so though, I recalled the magical weekend I had not too long ago, when I had my “sisters” from home here with me, and we took them Disney! It was a great weekend