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Aug 06

TMSM Explains: Why Disney Princess And Lion King Fans Need to Go to AMC Theaters!

For those unfamiliar with AMC Theaters, they can be found across the United States, even in Disney Springs and Downtown Disney. This week AMC and Disney made an announcement that will make most Disney Princess fans squeal with delight, and threw an unannounced curve ball that had me happy dancing in the middle of my …

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Jul 31

TMSM Explains: Why It Is Important to MAKE Magic For Others

I had originally written and posted this as a “RAK” article about this time in 2015. But July has been a really rough month, and I felt perhaps this week’s Monday night article needed to have a more emotional touch to it versus it’s usual analytical Mythbusters article. To be honest I had been thinking about sharing this …

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Jul 23

TMSM Explains: What A Bounce Back Offer Is

The “Bounce Back Offer” is a deal that many Disneyland and Walt Disney World guests ask about often. “What is the Bounce Back Offer right now?” “Where can I find the Bounce Back Offer right now?” “What IS a Bounce Back Offer?” Today we are going to answer those burning bouncing questions! WHAT the Bounce …

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Jul 16

TMSM Explains: The Requirements To Purchase Alcoholic Beverages At Disney Parks And On Disney Cruises

Whether you agree with it or not, Disney Parks and Disney Cruise Line all sell guests 21 and older adult beverages. Tonight we are going to explain what is required for you to buy an alcoholic beverage at the Disney Parks and on Disney Cruise Ships and what isn’t allowed when it comes to adult …

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Jul 13

TMSM Explains: Things Gold D23 Members Should Know For This Year’s D23 Expo

D23 Expo starts on Friday morning and we have had a few people ask “what happens if my Gold D23 Membership card hasn’t arrived before Expo?” First let’s address WHO is the Gold D23 Member as there is a lot of confusion with this. The person who bought the membership through the Disney Store is …

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Jul 13

Here Is A List Of The 2017 D23 Expo Panels That Won’t Allow Recording And Photos, And Tips For Panels That Do!

Here is the complete list of panels that will not allow recording at this year’s D23 Expo! Pixar / Feature Animation session Friday in Hall D23 Studio Live Action Presentation on Saturday in Hall D23 The Power of the Princess World of Pixar Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Evolution of Pixar Characters For these panels expect to …

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