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Gearing Up for TMSM’s Big Meet Up

Happy Thursday Main Streeter’s, and welcome back! We have an incredible number of TMSM friends making the trek for our annual meet up next week, and we are all so very excited at the overwhelming response. If you’re traveling to be with us, or even if you’re local, we want you to be totally prepared for all the fun and excitement we have in store. So, how to do you gear up to spend time with us at Continue Reading

TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ Dream It, Do It

Happy Wednesday! First and foremost, before we get started, I wanted to tell all of our readers that are on the path of Hurricane Michael that my heart and prayers are with you. Please stay safe! This weather has been something, but for those who asked, we just have rain here in Orlando. All is well in Central Florida, thank goodness! There’s so much to tell you about this week, so lets get started! Last Wedn Continue Reading

TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ Keep Moving Forward

This weeks topic….. courtesy of Walt Disney… “Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” Happy Wednesday everyone! As I previously mentioned, my family and I are moving, and Saturday is moving day! No, we aren’t moving Continue Reading

Moving to Main Street, U.S.A. ~ Reviews!

So exciting! Recap in case you missed it! Also, if you’re coming to either meet up this weekend and want your book copy signed, please bring it with you!   My new book, Moving to Main Street, U.S.A. has been out a few months now, and so far the feedback that I’ve received has been nothing short of amazing.  I’m so thankful for the people who have reached out, left reviews, and supported th Continue Reading

It’s Been Three Years today ! #liveyourdreams

Three years ago today, we crossed the border into sunny Florida to make a new life for ourselves.  THREE years already.  Back then I was a nervous wreck, in complete and total disbelief that we were actually leaving Michigan and moving across the country.  Sometimes I’m still in disbelief, truthfully.  Change is hard.  Very hard for some like myself.  I knew that The Main Street Mouse couldn’t be Continue Reading

Cate Blanchett is Fabulously Evil in This New Cinderella Teaser

From the Oh My Disney blog. There’s a new Cinderella teaser in town and it features the perfection that is Cate Blanchett.Lady Tremaine has never looked so villainous or effortlessly chic. Watch this decidedly darker glance at the upcoming film: When she smashes the glass slipper against the wall? Chills. Gasps. Stay tuned for a new Cinderella trailer debuting this week! The film opens in theaters March 13. Continue Reading

TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ Back in the Swing of Things!

Well hello there Main Streeters! How the heck are you? Good I hope! It’s Wednesday and time for our weekly check in! I hope all my friends to the North are doing ok in the snow and staying safe and warm. It’s such a surreal thing to see the snow on tv and online instead of being in the middle of it, that’s new for me! It’s been chilly down here in Florida, but we can’t complain. So, wh Continue Reading

TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ Christmas Time is Here!

Merry Christmas Eve to all of our Main Streeters out there! It’s Wednesday night, so it’s time for our Florida living update! Right about now, my family and I will be celebrating Christmas Eve, and we’re not in Florida tonight! It’s been quite different preparing for Christmas this year, getting ready to come see family, and still go about our usual routine at home. Christmas at Disney s Continue Reading

TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ December is Here!

Happy Wednesday Main Streeters! It’s time for our weekly check in on what’s been going on down here in Florida! Well, December is here, amazingly enough! I swear, never in my life have I worn flip flops and shorts in December, not ever. People are out putting up Christmas lights, Christmas music is playing everywhere, and yet it’s warm outside. So strange for this Northern girl! Not complaining t Continue Reading

TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ Baby It’s Cold Outside!

It’s Wednesday, and time for our weekly Florida Living update! And yes, it’s cold here in Florida today, believe it or not! Now, before anyone gets on my case, I fully understand that the Northern states have it MUCH worse than we do down here in Florida. When I say it’s cold outside, I mean cold for Florida. We hit a record low this morning for this time of year, it was in the 30’s when Continue Reading

TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living ~ Christmas Hits Disney World

Happy Wednesday Everyone! This week finds me to be surrounded by Christmas at Walt Disney World! I told you in last week’s blog that it was coming, and my goodness, it’s here! We went to the first Christmas Castle lighting last Wednesday night, and were so excited to see the Castle lit up for the season. We got there in the afternoon, and the kids were amazed that all the pumpkins were gone, and toy so Continue Reading