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Lorac Cosmetics Launches Pirates of the Caribbean Collection! (Update)

** Update ~ You can find this line over at now and in-stores and online at Kohl’s and Ulta NOW. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is in the theaters May 26. Two of my favorite things…… Lorac cosmetics and Pirates of the Caribbean are merging for the greater good of looking fabulous, and I’m beyond excited! That’s right, Lorac is launching a make up collection in Pi

Hot Topic, the Place for Disney Accessories and Beyond!

I see people talking a lot about the best places to find some Disney themed accessories and flair. One place that I know of for sure that you can get some cute Disney goodies at a decent price, is Hot Topic! Back in the day, Hot Topic used to be a darker themed store, but nowadays, there’s a little something for everyone.   If you shop in stores, the selection is decent, but somewhat limited, as the st

Nightmare Before Christmas Swag at Hot Topic!

Are you looking for some cute Nightmare Before Christmas duds for the Halloween season? If you are, look no further than Hot Topic! Seems most malls have a Hot Topic these days, and when we go shopping, it’s a store that we always be sure to stop in to. Yesterday, we went to Hot Topic, and they had a ton of Nightmare Before Christmas goodies! Whether you’re looking for costume accessories, or just subt

My Favorite Food and Wine Festival Merchandise!

Yesterday, the Food and Wine Festival kicked off at Epcot. After getting the boys to school, we headed over to Epcot right away to hopefully get a glimpse of everything the festival has to offer this year, including the merchandise. I’m a Disney shopper, it’s a habit and I admit that, so I couldn’t wait to see what they had! Here are a few of my favorite items that caught my eye from the Food a

#ForceFriday meant new Star Wars merchandise at Downtown Disney! Check this out!

Last night we went over to Downtown Disney with friends to check out the new merchandise and such for the Force Friday event, which kicks off the countdown to the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. The various stores had quite a bit of merchandise to choose from, but Once Upon a Toy had the most! The window displays on the side of Once Upon A Toy were pretty elaborate and showed some new characters from the

A Disney Deal and the Power of Social Media

Last night was a rainy one again here in Central Florida, so my family and I headed out to the Disney Character Warehouse at the Premium Outlets on Vineland Road, near Downtown Disney. I love this store, as they’re always getting in new Disney Park merchandise, and there’s always something new. We went in, and my gosh, they had a TON of great things! One item that caught my eye was the Boo To You decor

Attractionistas are Here! Disney Park Attraction Themed Dolls!

Last night while browsing through the shops at the Magic Kingdom, I noticed a new set of collectible dolls called Attractionistas! These are cute, larger than Barbie styled dolls, themed after some favorite Disney Park attractions. The one above is “Gracey” and themed after, you guessed it, the Haunted Mansion! She’s really pretty cool, and there were only two left on the shelf last night, I w