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Loot Crate Review October 2015 – Theme: Time

It’s that time of month for me to review my latest Loot Crate.  The October theme was Time, and deals with time travel.  Appropriately, today, October 21st, 2015 is the date that Marty McFly in 1989 went to, in Back to the Future II. Now we don’t have flying cars yet, but some of the things they had in the movie have come to reality (or are in the works) in one way or another.  With the Google Glasse Continue Reading

Loot Crate Review August 2015 – Theme: Villains 2

The August theme for Loot Crate was Villains 2.  I was excited when I heard this was the theme, as I have always liked the villains, they are the reason for the super hero in the first place.  So of course I was excited wondering who it would focus on. My thoughts instantly went to comic villains.  I wondered if it would be Marvel and feature Loki or Thanos or any one of many many other great Marvel villains. Continue Reading

May 2015 Loot Crate Review – Unite

It’s that time of month again, time to review the May Loot Crate.  As I mentioned last month, this month’s theme would be “Unite”.  I didn’t know how to feel about that theme exactly till I read it would have something in it regarding Marvel’s Avengers, among other items.  Just coming off the Avengers: Age of Ultron, anything Avengers to me is always a great item. Well the Continue Reading

April 2015 Loot Crate Review – Fantasy

It’s that time of month again, time to review the April Loot Crate.  As I mentioned last month, this month’s theme would be “Fantasy”.  Now all I knew about the crate was, “Swords and sorcery, myths and magic, dragons and… things that aren’t dragons. This month, it’s all about FANTASY!”  So what would be in it?  I instantly thought to the 80’s and my D&D y Continue Reading

March 2015 Loot Crate Review – Covert

First off, I know I’m behind on getting my Loot Crate review out and I apologize for all those that look forward to reading my review.  This month’s crate was by far, one I was so excited to get.  The crate’s theme is Covert, all types of things that go along with Secret Agents.  Being a fan of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and knowing there was going to be a special AOS item in the cra Continue Reading

February 2015 Loot Crate Review Theme = Play

If you have ever seen the 1983 film, WarGames, you know one of the memorable lines from the computer Joshua was “Shall We Play A Game?” and that is a good quote for the February 2015 Loot Crate.  This crate dealt with all things related to playing.  I’m sure most gamer’s are fans of this crate and I myself loved it. Let’s get to the review: The first thing up that I looked at was Continue Reading

Want To Earn A Free Month Of Loot Crate?

Every month we share the Loot Crate review and explain to you how you can go about getting your own.  If you haven’t signed up before, now is the time to do so and share it with all your friends so they can join in the fun with you. To Launch their new & improved Referral Program Loot Crate is having a race to EPIC rewards Now anyone can share and earn their way to a free month of loot! The more you sha Continue Reading

January 2014 Loot Crate Review – Theme: Rewind

I apologize for the delay in getting out my Loot Crate review for the month of January.  It’s been a very hectic last 2 weeks and i’m sorry, however the January LootCrate was one that I was so excited to get.  If you follow our blogs here, you will remember, just over 2 weeks ago I did a review of the new Star Wars #1 comic from Marvel.  When I got the comic the day it came out, I also got all the d Continue Reading

Loot Crate’s Star Wars #1 Variant – EXCLUSIVE REVEAL!

If you are a Loot Crate subscriber, here is big news on the January crate, if not you may want to sign up today HERE. The galaxy’s greatest duo are back in Marvel’s bestselling Star Wars #1 — and on a special variant cover from Loot Crate! is excited to reveal Loot Crate’s exclusive Star Wars #1 variant, featuring a fully-painted cover by acclaimed artist Gabriele Dell’Otto, with Han Solo an Continue Reading

December 2014 LootCrate Review – Theme: Anniversary

I was away from home over the holidays, so that is the reason my review of the December LootCrate is late.  Yesterday, upon returning home, I was excited to see the black box in my mail box.  The box was a total surprise, while away I did google the contents so I could see what was sent and that got me even more excited to open mine.  So lets get to the review. First, the theme for December’s LootCrate wa Continue Reading

November 2014 LootCrate Review – Theme: BATTLE

Last week I received my 2nd Loot Crate.  This month’s crate was all about the BATTLE themed titles we know and love! From Master Chief and the Halo crew on the battlefield, to the action-adventure of Assassin’s Creed, it was cornucopia of exciting titles. With EXCLUSIVES from Capcom favorites Mega-Man and Street Fighter and a brand-new Pirates Vs. Nijnjas t-shirt design, November’s crate was jam-packed w Continue Reading