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The Bare Necessities – Surviving Summer at Disney Parks

Happy Thursday Main Streeters! Welcome back to this week’s blog. If you have been following along, each week I have been reaching deep into the vault and chronologically following the releases of Walt’s Animated films to find great quotes, life lessons, and inspiration to share with readers. This week’s movie is the 1967 classic, The Jungle Book. This was the first film released post Walt’s passing, and the Continue Reading

It’s Time for Another Round of “Don’t be That Guy at Disney!”

It came to my attention, from our amazing Main Streeters, that it had been too long since I’ve done a “Don’t be That Guy” blog. As you know, I try to give the readers what they want, so here we go, another round of That Guy! This time, I asked for Main Streeter suggestions and experiences, since That Guy seems to be everywhere, and here’s what they had to say. (Remember, this is all Continue Reading

Don’t Be “That Guy” at Disney, Star Wars Weekends Edition

  It’s been awhile, so we’re overdue for our next “That Guy” article! This round of “guys” are inspired by Star Wars Weekends.  This year is the first year that our family got to attend Star Wars Weekends at the Studios, and I have to say, “That Guy” is everywhere.  The force is strong with them….. Please keep in mind, this series of blogs are meant for Continue Reading

Things Overheard While at Disney ~ 24 Hour Party Edition

Along with our “Don’t Be That Guy at Disney” series of blogs, another fan favorite is our “Things Overheard at Disney” articles. Since the 24 Hour Party was this weekend, and I spent a LOT of hours at the Magic Kingdom, I kept my ears open so I could do another chapter for our readers. So… lets talk about interesting or funny things overheard at Disney’s 24 Hour Party! 1 Continue Reading

Don’t be That Guy at Disney ~ Our latest round!

It’s been awhile, and readers have been asking, so here we go! It’s time for our next round of our popular blog series “Don’t be That Guy at Disney!” For those unfamiliar with the previous installments, “that guy” can be any guy or gal who is causing a ruckus or being flat out un-Disney-like while at our happy place. As always, lets keep in mind that these articles are a Continue Reading

Don’t Be “That Guy” at Disney ~ Holiday Edition!

It’s been a few weeks, so it’s time for our latest round of our popular blog series, “Don’t Be That Guy at Disney!” The parks are much busier now being that it’s the Christmas Season, and I’m telling you, “that guy” is running rampant everywhere you look! We got Main Streeter suggestions on this one, as usual, and just remember, this series of blogs is all in Continue Reading

By Request! Mickey’s Philharmagic Ettiquette, 10 Suggestions ~ Don’t Be That Guy!

We have our “Don’t be THAT GUY at Disney” series, and newer readers have asked where it started from! So, when Main Streeters ask, we deliver! Here’s the blog that started it all in case you missed it! I hope you enjoy our very first That Guy blog! Have fun! ~M Back in good old Michigan years and years ago, a local radio station used to do a segment called something like “Don’t Be That Continue Reading

It’s Time for Another Round of Don’t be “That Guy” at Disney!

It’s been a couple of weeks, Main Streeters have asked….. and being that we aim to please, it’s time for another edition of “Don’t Be THAT Guy at Disney!” If you’re a first time reader of our “That Guy” series, you might not know what we’re talking about. Quick explanation….. “that guy” at Disney is anyone who causes inconvenience or a Continue Reading