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Disney Crying, the Sequel! Does this apply to you?

Re-post in case you missed it! ~M Awhile back I wrote a blog about being a Disney crier.  What I meant by that, is that it’s sometimes hard to control emotions when it comes to all things Disney.  For example…. songs, shows, movies…. you get the idea.  At the time, I had a lot of people chime in to agree with that sentiment, I surely wasn’t alone.  Fast forward to present day, I’ve

New Beauty and the Beast Movie Preview Coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The much anticipated film, Beauty and the Beast is almost here! Visitors of Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be able to see an 8 minute preview of the live action Beauty and the Beast film beginning on February 10th. You can see the preview at the theater inside One Man’s Dream. Visitors to Disney’s California Adventure in California will be getting the preview as well! Beauty and the Beast hits t