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Snow White’s Diamond Easter Eggs

Our Easter series continues! Devising an Easter egg decorating technique that truly outshines all the others is no easy task — unless you happen to be an industrious little miner with a store of diamonds at your disposal. Adorned with faux gems and silvery “diamond dust” glitter, these paper eggs are just as sparkly as the ones the seven dwarfs are apt to leave in Snow White’s basket. Hide them around the

Thumper’s Easter Basket ~ Make Your Own!

Here’s another cute Easter craft idea courtesy of Disney Family! Enjoy!     Hop into Spring with Thumper by making this fun printable Easter basket! You can keep it for yourself or give it to someone special. What You’ll Need Download Thumper’s Easter Basket Regular paper or cardstock Glue or double-sided tape Scissors How To Make It Print the template on regular paper

Mickey and Minnie St. Patrick’s Day Ears ~ How to!

St. Patrick’s Day is coming this weekend! Here’s a cute craft idea to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, it’s coming up soon! Topped with a leprechaun hat (properly cocked to one side, of course) and a bright green shamrock bow, these Mickey and Minnie headbands are earmarked for young Disney fans to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in fine Irish style. You can download the PDF template from h

Mickey’s Valentine Tote ~ Cute Craft Idea!

Here’s a cute Valentine craft idea courtesy of our friends at Disney Spoonful! Enjoy! ~M Take it from Mickey — Valentine’s Day is no time to be quiet as a mouse. Featuring two big thumbs up, this tote makes an eye-catching carrier for putting all your children’s love letters and cards in the limelight, both the ones they plan to hand out as well as those they collect. What You’ll Need Download Mi

Mickey’s Shorts Christmas Ornament ~ Holiday Craft

Mickey’s Shorts Holiday Ornament by Guest Blogger Sherry DeHart   My plain, solid red Christmas bulbs were starting to look worn, after using the same ones for at least 10 years. I didn’t want to throw them out, and I like to “re-purpose” things.  So I pulled out the bulbs, my tub of buttons, a black sharpie marker and the hot glue. 1. I used a piece of paper to draw a straight black line around t

DIY Mickey or Minnie Pine Wreath

Happy Thursday MainStreeters! Last week I shared a DIY Nightmare Before Christmas tutorial for the wreath featured in the iconic holiday Tim Burton Disney Movie. If you haven’t had enough DIY this holiday season, I’ve got you covered. In this blog, I am going to walk you through creating an enormous Mickey or Minnie shaped pine wreath like the ones that used to hang on Main Street USA. If you followed last week

Jack Skellington Cozy Cup Craft!

A lot of people love doing crafts during the holiday season, and this one that I found on Disney Family is pretty cute. Here’s how you can make your own Jack Skellington Cozy Cup craft! Perfect for hot cocoa or coffee! Download PDF ~ Time: 30 Minutes What You’ll Need Disposable co