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My Favorite Disney Memory – What is yours?

Who remembers the morning show that used to take place every morning to open Magic Kingdom? It was my absolute favorite! The Mayor of Main Street, USA would come out and welcome everyone, the dancers/singers would perform, the train would roll in with the characters, and that one family would walk out to join in the countdown. How lucky were those people that got picked? Speaking from experience, super lucky! I had

What’s the Disney Secret?

Truth time; haven’t you always been curious, why do we keep coming back to Disney? We’ve been on the rides dozens of times, seen the fireworks from every possible viewing spot, walked down Main Street hundreds of times, did loser laps in the largest of parking lots trying to find the best spots, and yet, we keep coming back for more. Being of the inquisitive, research oriented mind I set out to discover what’

Family Magic Tour

Happy Thursday Main Streeters, and welcome back to my series on the hidden gems of Disney parks. I’m covering fun and exciting experiences available to guests in what Disney calls their Enchanting Extras Collection. Disney is a place of magic for everyone, but it’s also considered a staple experience for families to travel and visit the House of Mouse. It can understandably be a source of trepidation when you t

Grand Floridian Greeter Richard

With the passing of this beloved man, I thought I’d share an article that Susanne did on him awhile back, in his honor.  God bless you Richard! ~M   We often talk about the special touches that keep us coming back to Disney year after year, and the Cast Members often play a big part in that experience. If you’ve ever been to the Grand Floridian Resort, you may have walked right by a Disney legend and

Disney Magic By Guest Blogger and former Marine, Cliff!

Disney magic is real, and it can come in many shapes and sizes! On a recent trip to Walt Disney World, a former Marine shared a very touching story about an encounter he had with a Cast Member. While boarding a bus, the guest noticed how the bus driver was standing. These are his words from the encounter, “This bus driver stands at parade rest while folks load onto his bus. He said he does this because his father

Random Acts of Kindness Thursday Rewind ~ Cast Member Magic!

Here is a story we posted from our Cast Member friend Michael last year and we wanted to share it with you all again It’s Thursday Everyone, time for a feel good story with a Disney spin to it! Our entry today comes from one of my WDW Cast Member friends, Michael. Michael used to make magic at the Emporium on Main Street, now he’s helping create magic as a Character Attendant for some of our favorite p

Celebrate with Magic! From Guest Blogger Heather Araskiewicz

During my recent WDW visit I celebrated my birthday with some Disney Magic. Upon check in at the resort I was given a birthday button to wear all week. From the moment I put on the button until the moment I took it off  I was wished Happy Birthday by cast members and guests. The most fun was when another guest who was celebrating their birthday extended wishes to me. I started to watch for other people’s bu