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New Details Unveiled On Gran Destino Tower at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, Set to Open July 2019

From the Disney Parks Blog Earlier this fall, we shared renderings of the exciting expansion that’s currently underway at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. Just moments ago, Disney Parks, Experiences and Consumer Products Chairman Bob Chapek unveiled more about the reimagining, including the name of the new 15-story centerpiece of the resort, the Gran Destino Tower. The tower, which will be completed in July Continue Reading

Imagineer for a Day, Part 2!

In last Tuesday nights article, I was granted the job of being an Imagineer for a day, and I was good at it. So good that they gave me the same job again this week. Last week we shifted some attractions around, got rid of some and added some. This week we’re going to do the same thing. So if I was an Imagineer for a second day, here are a few things that I would change. Some of you may hate the ideas and some may Continue Reading

Imagineer for a Day ~ My Suggestions

How often have you found yourself walking through a Disney Park or doing anything that involves Disney and thought to yourself that you could do that better. Or have you ever had an awesome idea and thought that would work as an attraction? I do it all the time. I see the announcements as they roll out and some I get really excited about and some not so much. I often find myself being all like, “ that’s the dum Continue Reading

Tuesday’s With Corey ~ Leave A Legacy

Have you ever found yourself walking into EPCOT, saw the granite megaliths and thought to yourself “why in the world are there big slabs with all these faces right here”? Well if you have, then you’re in for a treat because we’re going to see why these were erected. So sit back and enjoy this month’s article on EPCOT’s Leave a Legacy. As everyone was preparing for the roll over into the new millennium Continue Reading

Tuesdays With Corey – The Italy Pavilion

So here we are again casually making our way around the World Showcase. If you’ve been keeping up for the past couple of weeks then you’ve been with us as we stopped and ate churros while watching a mariachi band in Mexico. We then made our way over to Norway and learned a little about Viking folklore. Our next stop was China where we admired and discussed the architecture. Next we hopped over to Germany where Continue Reading

Tuesdays With Corey: The Germany Pavilion

>Most everyone who comes to World Showcase at EPCOT has a favorite pavilion that they must visit during their trip. To some it may be taking in the romantic atmosphere of the France pavilion while sipping wine and eating a pastry. To others it may be a trip down south to Mexico listening to a Mariachi band, drinking tequila and playing with some maracas. For others it may be heading straight to one of the origin Continue Reading

Tuesdays With Corey: The China Pavilion

Over the last few weeks, if you’ve been following along you know that I’ve been doing a walking history of the World Showcase countries starting with Mexico and followed by Norway. So if you know the layout of the World Showcase then you’ll know that we will be making a trip into China. As you round the corner walking away from Norway into China, the first thing that becomes immediately noticeable is the Zha Continue Reading

Tuesdays With Corey: The Norway Pavilion Part 2

This is Part 2 of the Noway Pavilion, if you missed last week’s article, you can read it HERE. The Restaurant Akershus and Royal Banquet Hall is named after the Akershus Fortress still standing in Oslo and serves as the backdrop of the Norway pavilion. Akershus Fortress in Oslo is now used for offices by the Norwegian Ministry and contains the Norwegian Resistance Museum, but originally it was used to guard t Continue Reading

Tuesdays With Corey: The Norway Pavilion Part 1

When Epcot opened in 1982, it brought us what was referred to as a “permanent World’s Fair” dedicated to the celebration of human achievement and technological innovation. But it also brought us the World Showcase, which gives us glimpses into the cultures of eleven different countries. The Showcase originally opened with nine countries: Mexico, China, Germany, Italy, The American Adventure, Japan, France, Un Continue Reading

Tuesdays With Corey Explores The Mexico Pavilion

Left or right? The question we often ask ourselves when we begin our way to the World Showcase. To the right, we have the United States northern neighbor Canada and to the left, we have our southern neighbor Mexico. Which way do you choose? Me, I often like to make my way around the promenade clockwise beginning with Mexico. I just love the look of the 36-foot high pyramid that greets you as you cross into World Sh Continue Reading

Tuesdays With Corey ~ Tips To Help Out The Newbie Traveler

  C’mon, admit it. We’ve all been there. We’ve all had a friend or family member or co-worker that all they talked about was their vacation to Walt Disney World. They asked you a few questions, but that was all they did. Then they get back from their trip tired and complaining about how much a souvenir cost or the only restaurant that their child wanted to eat at was full. There are many comm Continue Reading