Racing Disney: Changing Challenges

Hey there Main Streeters! Catie will be back next week with her concluding recap for the 2017 Princess Half Marathon Weekend, but I wanted to take a moment to talk about the name changes runDisney has been doing lately. It started with the change of the Dumbo Double Dare to the Disneyland Double Dare, then the new Lumiere’s Two-Course Challenge was changed to the Two Course Challenge. Now, the Glass Slipper Challenge has been rebranded Disney’s Fairy Tale Challenge.
Now, the challenges themselves haven’t changed. When you register for any of the above-mentioned challenges, you will receive entry into the 10K and half marathon distances for the weekend. When you complete both within the runDisney pacing requirements, you will receive an extra medal to celebrate your 19.3-mile achievement.
This started last year, when the Avengers Half Marathon Weekend was rebranded the Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend. When registration opened for Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend in December, one of the first things runners noticed was the name change of the challenge. Since its inception 4 years ago, the challenge during this race weekend has been known as the “Dumbo Double Dare”. But when race registration opened, runners noticed that they weren’t registering for the Dumbo, but the Disneyland Double Dare. The theme announcement a few weeks seems to have confirmed that this was not a typo and that Dumbo is in fact gone from the weekend.

When the registration for Wine and Dine Weekend opened, the challenge was also renamed. Last year was the inaugural year for a 19.3 mile challenge as part of this weekend. It was named Lumiere’s Two-Course Challenge, playing off the “Be Our Guest” branding. But now, it is simply the Two Course Challenge, with Lumiere nowhere to be found.
Now, with the runDisney website changing over for the 2018 anniversary weekend of Princess, the Glass Slipper Challenge has been rebranded the Fairy Tale Challenge. Like the Disneyland Double Dare, this challenge will be celebrating its 5th anniversary with this name change.
So, what’s with all the name changes? I feel like runDisney’s thinking might be two-fold: 1) the names they have chosen are more generic than the specific themes of the past. This means that themes for the weekend can be more specific and allow runDisney to pick themes they haven’t been able to do before (like Pixar at Disneyland) due to the specific theming of the challenges. 2) It tempts runners back to the weekend. Instead of earning the same medal with the same logos (or slight variations) and names, runners will be tempted back to repeat weekends to get the new, completely different medals than they’ve already earned.
So what do you think about the name changes? Are you happy? Excited? Sad? Let us know, and we’ll see you next week with the conclusion of our recap for Princess Half Marathon weekend.

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