Feb 03

Wendy’s Word of the Day ~ Win a Magical Walt Disney World Vacation from the Wendy Williams Show!

Talk show host Wendy Williams has a blast at Disney World

As you heard here FIRST last week, the Wendy Williams Show is doing a weekly WDW Vacation Giveaway for the month of February. As part of the Disney Side campaign, viewers can enter to win a WDW trip online, but you have to know the word of the day. If you’re not home during the day to see the Wendy Show, TMSM will be sharing the word of the day with our readers EVERY day so that you all can enter! Today’s word of the day is: PRINCESS
Yesterday’s word of the day was MICKEY.

So, now that you know the word of the day for today, go to the official contest site below and enter for your chance to win. Check back here at TMSM tomorrow to learn the next word of the day! Good Luck!


See Wendy’s Giveaway video here!


  1. Jessica Leon

    Is this also for 2015’s contest? Because Princess was the same word of the day on the 3rd?

  2. fritsanpdx

    I’ve entered both words-waiting for the next one!

  3. Chrissy

    I got so excited about this and then realized the contest is not open to Canadians. Boo.

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